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Campion and Company is Boston's finest boutique real estate agency, ranked #1 among the city's brokerage firms.* Specializing in property in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the South End, the Waterfront, and beyond, Campion and Company's clients include some of the city’s most elite names. In addition to sales of single-family homes and condominiums in Boston's most desirable neighborhoods, Campion has been the exclusive listing agent for numerous developers on the renovation of historic townhouses, multi-unit residential buildings, and other sites throughout the city, helping market hundreds of condominium units. Campion and Company has earned their client list by providing superior service, highly customized marketing plans, and never losing sight of the fact that they must continue to earn their client's business every day. * #1 Office Market Share per MLS, 2011-2014


One Dalton
- Jan 01, 2018

One Dalton hotel component tops off, work on upper floor condominiums begins

One Dalton’s 23-story, 215-key hotel component has topped off, and work has begun to construct the tower’s 180 luxury condominium residences and exclusive amenity spaces on floors 24 through 61. About 20 stories of One Dalton’s blue glass curtain wall facade have been constructed, and the tower is now beginning to surpass the height of the adjacent 30 Dalton and Sheraton Hotel towers on its’ way to becoming the Back Bay and Boston’s third-tallest tower at 61 stories and 740 feet high. One Dalton’s concrete superstructure is expected to top off in mid-2018, with completion expected by late 2018.

Condominiums at One Dalton are now on sale starting at $2.75 million. At the tower's summit will be three two-level Penthouse Estates, two of which are reportedly under agreement. One of the Penthouse Estates has reportedly sold to Dell Technologies Chairman & CEO Michael Dell, and one reportedly sold for about $40 million. A third Penthouse Estate is currently offered for $40 million.

Amenities at One Dalton will include a pool and fitness center, a salon, a yoga and pilates studio and a 50th floor Private Residents’ Club Lounge featuring an indoor lounge and dining area as well as an outdoor terrace with sweeping views of the Charles River and Boston skyline. The following are photographs of One Dalton:

One Dalton Photos

One Dalton
- Nov 02, 2017

Michael Dell scoops up second Boston penthouse at 61-story One Dalton tower

Dell Technologies Chairman & CEO Michael Dell has reportedly entered a contract to acquire one of three $40 million penthouse residences atop the 61-story One Dalton tower under construction in the Back Bay, which, following Dell’s acquisition of a Millennium Tower penthouse residence last year, would make Dell the owner of penthouses at both of Boston’s, and New England’s, tallest residential towers. Per a Wall Street Journal report, Dell’s penthouse will be approximately 7,300 square feet in size across two stories, with a 570-square-foot outdoor terrace.

Listed for sale at $40 million each, One Dalton’s penthouses are expected to be Boston’s most expensive ever sold, nearly 15% higher than the $35 million, 13,000-square-foot Millennium Tower penthouse acquired by billionaire John Grayken in 2016. Sales of condominiums at One Dalton have not yet closed. Dell purchased his 4,110-square-foot Millennium Tower penthouse for $10.9 million, closing on the residence in December 2016. Dell Technologies acquired Hopkinton, MA-based EMC Corporation for $60 billion in Fall 2016.

One Dalton will be Boston’s third-tallest building at 740 feet and 61 stories tall, featuring 180 private luxury condominium residences above a 215-room Four Seasons luxury hotel. Completion of One Dalton is expected in Fall 2018. The building has reached nearly half of its’ full height and is expected to top off in early 2018. The following is a photograph of One Dalton:

Ames Webster Mansion Condominiums
- Oct 08, 2017

Historic Back Bay mansion will be converted into three $20+ million condominiums

Sheikh Fahad M.S. Al Athel of Saudi Arabia, who acquired the 26,000-square-foot historic Ames Webster Mansion in the Back Bay for $14.5 million in 2013, will convert the mansion into three luxurious condominium residences, including a triplex penthouse, each of which will be priced at over $20 million. The mansion’s renovation is pegged at $35 million, with completion expected in 2019. Construction is now underway per a Wall Street Journal report, with construction crews at work restoring existing murals, stained glass skylights, mosaics and chandeliers and constructing a new underground garage parking area.

One Dalton
- Jul 17, 2017

Concrete superstructure rising at One Dalton, New England’s future tallest residential tower

One Dalton future 61-story superstructure, which will be the tallest residential tower in New England, is rising rapidly and has reached over 10 stories high. At One Dalton’s base, the first glass curtain wall sections have been installed; the first glass panels were installed at One Dalton on June 22nd. Installation of mechanical systems is underway throughout the tower; on Level 7, installation of One Dalton’s pool is now underway. One Dalton is expected to top off in early 2018 and open in Fall 2018. The tower will feature 180 private luxury condominium residences above a 215-room Four Seasons luxury hotel. The following are photographs of One Dalton:

One Dalton Photos

120 Milk Street
- Jun 15, 2017

Perroncello selling 120 Milk Street, 8-story Financial District mixed-use building

Local real estate investor Joseph F. Perroncello is selling 120 Milk Street, an 8-story, 16,172-square-foot mixed-use building located in the heart of the Financial District. Brokered by a partnership of Campion & Company and Colliers International, 120 Milk Street presents a unique asset opportunity featuring office, residential and retail space.

Residential space at 120 Milk Street is currently used as short-term corporate housing. Ground-floor retail is leased through March 31st, 2018 by Japanese restaurant Sakurabana. Office space, which is located on the building’s second floor and totals 2,000 square feet, will be delivered vacant upon sale. 120 Milk Street was built in 1894 and is located steps from various major employers, in addition to rapid transit, parks and Boston Harbor.

One Dalton
- Apr 10, 2017

One Dalton residence sells for $40 million, setting new Boston condominium sale record

A luxury residence at the Back Bay’s upcoming 61-story One Dalton tower has reportedly sold for $40 million, which would surpass Boston’s current condominium sale record by $5 million. The sale of a 13,000 square foot penthouse at Downtown Crossing’s Millennium Tower closed last August for $35 million, claiming Boston’s current sales record. The Millennium Tower penthouse sold for nearly $2,700 per square foot; square footage of the One Dalton residence which sold for $40 million has not yet been revealed.

Sales of One Dalton’s 180 luxury residences have not yet closed; a number of residences are reportedly under agreement with sale prices starting at $2.5 million. In an interview with Bloomberg, Richard Friedman, CEO of One Dalton developer Carpenter & Company, said that One Dalton is “the fastest-selling residential project in Four Seasons history,” and that about 90% of One Dalton buyers are American, with a large majority hailing from Boston. “We’ve sold to no Russians. Maybe one person from China, but they have a relationship to Boston, and a few units to people from Europe or the Middle East,” said Friedman.

One Dalton
- Mar 01, 2017

One Dalton concrete superstructure pouring underway

One Dalton's 61-story, 740 foot tall concrete superstructure, which will be New England's tallest residential building upon completion, has risen 2 full stories. The construction team is now at work pouring One Dalton's 3rd floor concrete slab. Concrete will continue to be poured at a rate of 1 floor per week; One Dalton is expected to top off in early 2018. One Dalton will feature 180 private luxury condominium residences positioned above a 215-room Four Seasons luxury hotel. The following are photographs of One Dalton:

One Dalton Photos

One Dalton
- Oct 27, 2016

One Dalton interior revealed

Developer Carpenter & Company has released an updated One Dalton website revealing the interior of One Dalton's exclusive condominiums. New interior and exterior renderings have been released along with a One Dalton video; these can be found above. Carpenter has also released a 360-degree animation showing views from the top of One Dalton.

One Dalton
- Oct 14, 2016

One Dalton foundation wall complete, elevator core construction underway

Treviicos has completed One Dalton’s slurry wall, which has been fully excavated by The Welch Corporation. One Dalton’s foundation wall is fully built; a slurry wall is in place along Belvidere and Dalton Streets, and secant piles are in place along the Christian Science Center. The foundation cap beam, which holds the top of the foundation wall together, has been installed. Both the slurry wall and secant piles tie into bedrock over 150 feet below the building.

The 61-story elevator core is now being built. Metal formwork is being arranged at the foundation’s base to frame the concrete pour to construct the core. A 7 foot thick, 900 cubic yard wide concrete mat slab is now being poured at the core’s base. The following are photographs of the One Dalton construction site:

One Dalton Photos

One Dalton
- Aug 30, 2016

One Dalton deep foundation nearly fully excavated

Albert J. Welch Corporation has nearly fully excavated One Dalton’s deep foundation. A total of 70 vertical feet of soil will be excavated. Three levels of horizontal internal brace frames have been installed along One Dalton’s secant pile wall to support the excavated foundation. Per the official construction website, secant piles at One Dalton tie into bedrock over 160 feet below grade. As excavation draws to an end, structural pile caps and H-piles are visible at the base of the parking structure. Excavation will soon be followed by pouring of concrete mat slabs along the deep foundation, with superstructure steel and concrete construction commencing shortly thereafter. Per the official construction schedule, concrete work at One Dalton is anticipated to commence in October 2016. At street level, One Dalton’s tower crane is erected in anticipation of superstructure construction.

One Dalton will be a 61-story, 740 foot tall tower with a 215-room Four Seasons Hotel at its’ base and 180 luxury condominiums above. Two below-grade basement levels will be built underneath One Dalton; neither will contain parking. Hotel guests and residents at One Dalton will have access to parking in the existing Christian Science Plaza underground garage; a new access ramp will be constructed off of Clearway Street through One Dalton’s basement. The following are photographs of excavation underway at the One Dalton construction site:

One Dalton Excavation

The following are photographs of One Dalton's foundation support structure:

One Dalton Foundation Support Structure

The following is a panoramic photograph of the base of One Dalton's foundation:

One Dalton Panorama

The following is a photograph of One Dalton's tower crane:

One Dalton Crane

One Dalton
- Jul 10, 2016

Foundation soil excavation underway at One Dalton

Foundation brace frames are installed, and soil excavation is underway at One Dalton, a 61-story, 699-foot tall tower under construction in the Back Bay that will be New England’s tallest residential structure. One Dalton will feature a Four Seasons Hotel with 211 rooms in addition to 188 upper-floor residential condominiums and ground-floor retail. The following is a rendering of One Dalton:

One-Dalton-Boston-Slider-2-rev-940x400 1

As soil is excavated, the completed concrete form of One Dalton’s deep foundation is being unveiled. A total of 70 vertical feet of soil will be excavated at One Dalton. Once all soil is excavated and remaining concrete is poured along the foundation and underground parking structure, One Dalton will be ready to rise.

Visit for updates from the One Dalton construction team and for condominium pre-sales information. The following are photographs of excavation underway at One Dalton, courtesy The Welch Corporation:

image 2

Excavation underway below foundation brace frames

image 3
Excavation underway below foundation brace frames

image 6
Aerial view of excavation underway

image 1
Aerial view of excavation underway below foundation brace frames

View along Dalton Street

image 4
Foundation brace frames

image 5

image 7
Excavator being moved onto the construction site

image 8

image 10
Excavation underway

image 11
Excavation underway

image 12
Excavation underway

More information about One Dalton is posted below.

One Dalton
- Mar 22, 2016

Deep foundation installation nearly complete at One Dalton

Installation of One Dalton's deep foundation is nearly complete. An excavator is parked on site to begin soil excavation of the building's foundation and underground parking structure.

View from Dalton Street

Excavator at One Dalton

Excavator and deep foundation installation machinery

Excavator and deep foundation installation machinery

Deep foundation installation machinery

One Dalton
- Jan 01, 2016

Deep foundation construction underway at One Dalton

Construction of One Dalton's deep foundation is underway. Piles are being driven ranging from 65 to over 160 feet below grade to provide structural support. The building's slurry wall is also under construction.


View from Dalton Street


View from Dalton Street

Apr 6, 2015

Initial foundation work underway at One Dalton

Initial foundation work is underway at One Dalton. Construction fencing has been installed, and slurry wall pre-trenching is underway. Foundation excavation and slurry wall construction will soon commence.

Fencing along Dalton Street

Fencing along Dalton Street

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