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Total Square Footage 9,093,477
Total Dollar Volume $2,700,000.00


Established 2008
Employees 20
Website DREAM Collaborative
Phone Number 617-606-7029

DREAM Collaborative is a full-service architecture, urban design, and real estate development firm. Our design and development work is informed by our passion for urban revitalization. Our clients include private developers, public entities, and community development corporations (CDCs).

As a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE/DBE), our firm’ culture supports and encourages diversity among staff and consultants to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve.


2451 Washington Street Condominiums
- Dec 08, 2019

Electrical Permit Pulled for 2451 Washington Condos A permit has been pulled for the electrical work at 2451 Washington Street in Roxbury. The upcoming 4-story building will offer 16 condo units, 7 of which will be designated affordable. The project will also include 14 sheltered parking spaces plus a community room.

Winthrop Center
- Nov 25, 2019

Foundation Work Continues for Winthrop Center Foundation work continues at Winthrop Center, set to be the largest Passive House office building in the world. The 53-story tower is designed to surpass LEED Platinum status. Along with a leading-edge building envelope, the project team is working with Eversource to maximize energy efficiency. Eversource is advising on the optimization of the chiller and boiler plants and is also providing incentives to support the highly efficient envelope, lighting, and HVAC equipment. In addition to the customer incentives, Eversource will also provide design team incentives to support the advanced design practices associated with this project. Other best in class features of the Winthrop Center office component will include a Passive House ventilation system that will provide higher levels of fresh air, shown to enhance creativity and productivity. The tower will also be wired platinum, offering the best in digital infrastructure. Tenants of the 750,000 square feet of office space will also have access to The Collective, a 35,000 square foot club that features a fitness center, game room, coworking space, and coffee bar. Atop the office space, Winthrop Center will also feature around 500 luxury condo homes. Construction is expected to last through the first quarter of 2022.

Winthrop Center
- Nov 15, 2019

NPC Approved for Winthrop Center A notice of project change filed last month for Winthrop Center was approved by the BPDA on 11/14. The changes include the reduction of residential units from around 500 to 387 with an increase in office space from 750,000 square feet to 772,422. While the height of the tower will not change the total square footage has also been reduced from 1,650,000 to approximately 1,545,021. Finally, one level of underground parking has also been eliminated, cutting about 50 spaces from the total. 

Winthrop Center
- Oct 29, 2019

NPC Filed for Winthrop Center Plus $30M Plumbing Permit Pulled A notice of project changed has been filed for Millennium Partners Winthrop Center Project. The updated documents call for the following changes to the project. - Height of the building remains the same however total square footage has been decreased from 1,650,000 to approximately 1,545,021 - The original proposal called for up to 500 residential units, current plans would include 387  - Office square footage has increased from 750,000 square feet to 772,422 - One level of garage parking has been eliminated for a net loss of 50 parking spaces. While the project change is under review construction is also ongoing on the site and a plumbing permit valued at $30M has been pulled for the project by EM Duggan.

286-290 Tremont Street
- Oct 15, 2019

31 Story Tower Under Review for 290 Tremont St. The 31-story, 426,500 square foot mixed-use tower proposed at 286-290 Tremont Street in Chinatown is officially under review. Plans call for a 100% income-restricted residential tower with up to 171 affordable units a mix of rentals and condos, a hotel with up to 200 rooms, up to 340 off-street vehicle parking spaces, 2,500 square feet of retail/cafe space, and approximately 8,000 square feet of community space. Approximately 110 units at 290 Tremont are a direct result of the IDP requirements in the Winthrop Center project. The development team, of Millennium Partners, in partnership with Corcoran Jennison, Asian Community Development Corporation, and Tufts Shared Services, Inc. hopes to commence construction in the second quarter of 2021, with initial occupancy by the second quarter of 2023.

2147-2163 Washington Street
- Oct 02, 2019

PNF Filed for 2147-2163 Washington St. Project in Roxbury The proposed mixed-use project at 2147-2163 Washington Street in Roxbury is now under review. The 95,000 building would include a total of 74 units along with a new café/restaurant space for Haley House, a community-oriented retail space, several artist work studios, a shared workspace, and a common/public courtyard.  Approximately 32 below-grade parking spaces and 11 surface spaces will be included. The unit mix would include 62 affordable apartments plus 12 for-sale condominium units –4 affordable at 70% AMI, 4 at 100% AMI and 4 at market rate.

75 Dudley Street
- Sep 28, 2019

20 Unit Affordable Condo Project in Roxbury Under Review Madison Park Development Corporation has proposed a 20 unit affordable condo project at 75 Dudley Street in Roxbury. The project would combine two parcels of land, the larger of which is currently owned by The City of Boston. The one, two, and three-bedroom homes would range in affordability from 80% to 120% AMI. The ground floor of the building would also include 1 commercial space that the team will rent to a local entrepreneur that supports the goals and objectives of the Roxbury Cultural District.

2147-2163 Washington Street
- Sep 04, 2019

LOI Filed for 74 Unit Project on Washington Street in Roxbury A Letter of Intent has been filed for a 95,000 square foot project at 2147-2163 Washington Street in Roxbury. The project would feature a total of 74 units, a mix of apartments and condos on the upper floors. The ground floor of the project will include a new cafe space for Haley House, several artist work studios, and a public courtyard. The project would also include 32 garage spaces along with a community garden and roof deck.

Hearth at Four Corners
- Aug 29, 2019

Electrical and Fire Alarm Permits Pulled for Hearth at Four Corners Permits have been pulled for both the electrical work and fire alarm install at Hearth at Four Corners in Dorchester. The project will contain 54 affordable senior apartments, including two studios and 52 one-bedrooms. A multipurpose room will be located on the building's first floor that will be used for resident dining and recreational activities.  

Hearth at Four Corners
- Jul 30, 2019

Hearth at Four Corners Financed for $20.1 Million Hearth at Four Corners in Dorchester has been financed for $20,105,000 via Citizens Bank at Hearth, Inc. The approved four-story residential building will contain 54 affordable senior apartments, including two studios and 52 one-bedrooms. A multipurpose room will be located on the building's first floor that will be used for resident dining and recreational activities.

286-290 Tremont Street
- Jul 16, 2019

LOI Filed for Millenium Partners Tremont Street Project Millennium Partners, Asian Community Development Corporation (CDC), Corcoran Jennison Companies and Tufts Shared Services have officially filed a letter of intent to construct a 31-story, $174 million tower at 286-290 Tremont Street in Chinatown, replacing a City-owned surface parking lot. The tower would contain 171 affordable apartment and condominium residences, a 140-room expansion of the adjacent Doubletree Hotel, a 264-space expansion of the adjacent Tufts Shared Services parking garage and 8,000 square feet of ground-floor community space. Residences would include 45 apartments and 126 condominiums, and would represent Millennium’s affordable housing contribution for the upcoming 115 Winthrop Square tower. Corcoran Jennison owns the adjacent hotel, and Tufts owns the adjacent parking garage. Asian CDC recently completed the 21-story One Greenway mixed-income housing tower in partnership with New Boston Fund.

9 Leyland
- Jul 12, 2019

9 Leyland Approved: To Feature Affordable Senior Housing The upcoming affordable senior housing development at 9 Leyland Street in Roxbury has been approved by The BPDA.  9 Leyland will include 42 units of affordable rental housing, at 30%-60% AMI.  The building will also feature community space to offer healthcare and social programming to senior residents, as well as a library, lounge, and laundry facilities on the upper floors. 

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