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Artist facility in South Boston currently developing building expansion.


The Distillery
- Feb 24, 2017

New, ultra-sustainable apartments now leasing at The Distillery in South Boston

65 ultra-sustainable new South Boston luxury apartment residences are now leasing at South Boston's recently completed Distillery North building, the first phase of the Distillery mixed-use development. Distillery North is the United States' largest Passive House-certified multifamily building and uses 95% less energy for heating and cooling than the typical new building. Apartments exclusively feature LED lighting, Energy Star-certified appliances and other sustainable luxury finishes and features. The following are photographs of Distillery North:

The Distillery Photos

The Distillery
- Aug 24, 2016

Exterior finishes and windows nearly fully installed at The Distillery

Exterior finishes and windows are nearly fully installed at the 180,000 square foot addition to the Distillery artists' community in South Boston. With a distinctive orange hue complemented by green and red panels, the addition maintains a prominent and inviting presence along East First Street. A striking vertical glass curtain will soon be constructed along a staircase at the addition's Dorchester Street end. The Distillery addition will contain 65 new artist residential units and new arts and retail space. The addition will achieve LEED Platinum certification and will be the first multifamily Passive House structure built in the United States, setting a new benchmark for energy-efficient building. The following are photographs of the Distillery addition:

The Distillery August 2016

The Distillery
- Jun 06, 2016

The Distillery tops off

The Distillery addition’s five-story superstructure has topped off and is sealed with a roof and windows. Exterior finish panels are being installed over sheathing and cladding.

View of the Distillery addition along East 1st Street

View of the Distillery addition's frontage along the project's future courtyard

View of the Distillery addition from the corner of East 1st Street and H Street

View of exterior finish installation underway at the Distillery addition

ZIP System R-Sheathing (green) is being used to insulate and seal the building. Georgia-Pacific Densglass Sheathing (yellow) is providing a mold-resistant barrier.

View of sheathing and exterior finish installation underway along Dorchester Street

View of sheathing and exterior finish installation underway along Dorchester Street

More information about The Distillery is posted below.

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