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As a developer of commercial real estate in the Seattle/Puget Sound market area, Touchstone Developer has been creating value in real-estate investments for more than 20 years. Through innovative thinking, flexibility and a solutions-oriented approach, Touchstone generates/produces/builds quality projects with both immediate worth and long-term significance to the community. Touchstone’s primary purpose is to acquire and develop commercial real estate. Since Growth Management, we’ve been creating value via an urban infill strategy through assemblage and redevelopment in close-in primary markets in Seattle, Bellevue/Eastside and Tacoma.


Nantucket Cottage Hospital
- Mar 27, 2018

Nantucket Cottage Hospital Remains On Schedule

Exterior facade of the building complete with drywall installation and complete enclosure. Interior fit-outs of construction now underway. Follow @bldup and @ackhospital for more updates

The project completion date remains on schedule for late 2018 using Touchplan, a construction software that allows developers to plan, implement, and monitor projects in their entirety. The innovative software gives developers the ability to see the full spectrum of their project down to every last detail. Touchplan has let developers keep their projects on or ahead of time leading to lower costs and more efficient construction.

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