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View’s vision is built around the belief that natural light is required to live a healthy and productive life, but the ordinary window is far from optimized to provide it. View’s smart glass windows let in natural light and views and enhance mental and physical well-being by significantly reducing headaches, eyestrain, and drowsiness. They also reduce glare and heat, improving the energy efficiency of buildings by up to 20 percent.


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- Nov 13, 2019

TIAA HQ in Midtown Undergoing $200M Renovation Originally built in 1959, the TIAA HQ in Midtown Manhattan is currently undergoing a $200M renovation which will include a new double-height lobby and the addition of a grand staircase. Another major part of the work will include the replacement of every window in the 655,000, 27 story office building with View Glass. Once the smart windows are in place, reducing the glare and heat from the sun, TIAA will be able to utilize previously wasted space near the windows. By increasing the density in the lower part of the building TIAA will then be able to rent out the top two-thirds of the property. Construction is expected to last through the next year.

Fenway Center
- Sep 19, 2019

Window and Facade Install Nearly Complete at Fenway Center In the shadows of Fenway Park, Phase 1 of the Fenway Center is taking shape as window and facade install is nearly complete. The first two buildings of this transformative project feature over 430,000 square feet of space and will include 312 residential units along with 37,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. The buildings will offer units sizes ranging from studio to 2 bedrooms. In total, the $600 million project will feature five new buildings, a total of approximately 550 residential units, 160,000 square feet of office space and over 50,000 square feet of retail will be built at Fenway Center,

Avocet Tower
- Sep 03, 2019

Construction Underway for Avocet Tower Construction is now underway for Avocet Tower in downtown Bethesda. This striking building will feature 370,000 square feet of Class A office space along with a 220 key AC Hotel by Marriott. The transit-oriented development, located directly across from the Bethesda Metro station, was made possible by a public-private partnership between Stonebridge and Montgomery County, Maryland. Avocet Tower, designed by Pickard Chilton, includes a 10,000 square foot public plaza, a variety of tenant amenity spaces, and is topped by a 7,500-square-foot sky terrace, crowned by an elegant trellis. Designed to LEED-Platinum certification, the tower also features advanced mechanical systems as well as a dynamic glass facade covering the entire office tower.  Along with improving energy efficiency, the View glass will allow for the maximum amount of natural light into the office space, boosting employee health and wellness while not blocking the amazing views. The project is expected to be complete in the summer of 2021.

Fenway Center
- Jun 30, 2019

Work Continues on Building Envelope for The Fenway Center Window and facade install is underway for Phase 1 of the Fenway Center. These first two buildings in the project will feature over 430,000 square feet of space to include 312 residential units along with 37,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. Units will range in size from studios through 2 bedrooms and construction is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2020.  The second phase of the project will then include 3 additional buildings, a 27-story, 375,000-square-foot mixed-use office, and residential tower, a 7-story, 111,000-square-foot residential building and a 7-story, 274,000-square-foot parking garage on the air rights deck.

Logan Airport Terminal B
- May 06, 2019

Recent Improvement to Logan Airport Terminal B Enhance Passenger Experience Recent improvements to Logan Airport’s Terminal B included new ticketing and baggage claim areas along with new concessions.  This major renovation also included the installation of 12,000 square feet of View Dynamic Glass. This technology allowed for the replacement of external louvers, mechanical sunshades and fritted glass and allows for more natural light to enter the Terminal without the heat and glare that can cause discomfort for passengers.  Boston Logan is just one location in a growing list of leading airports adopting dynamic glass and setting a new standard in delightful passenger environments. View Dynamic Glass has been installed at several airports to date, including Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)  Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

Fenway Center
- May 03, 2019

Construction Continues on Phase 1 of The Fenway Center Phase 1 of the $600M Fenway Center project is rapidly moving forward with the first two buildings in the project at or very near full height. These two new residential buildings will feature 312 apartments along with 37,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space. A large deck and landscaped walkway will also be constructed over Yawkey Station. The buildings are designed to be highly sustainable and are expected to reach a LEED Gold certification. The first occupancy is expected here in Q1 2020.

Fenway Center
- Feb 19, 2019

Fenway Center to Utilize View Smart Windows Structural steel is nearing completion for the first phase of The Fenway Center. Two new residential buildings are rising that will feature a total of 312 apartments and 200 underground parking spaces. The project will also include ground floor retail and a landscaped pedestrian walked over Yawkey Station. The development team is expecting occupancy of Phase 1 in the first quarter of 2020. The Fenway Center will be one of the first projects in Boston to utilize View Dynamic Glass. This game-changing technology creates a comfortable environment for residents by bringing in more natural and light while minimizing heat and controlling glare. The 37,000 square feet of View Dynamic Glass will provide a unique amenity for the project. Matt Edlen of Gerding Edlen, the project developer told BLDUP “View is an opportunity to partner with an incredible emerging company providing a world-class technology that has not only a substantial impact on reducing building energy consumption but is designed to provide long term resiliency as it adapts with changing climate trends. It is a reflection of the core values of our entire partnership team and our continued efforts to develop impactful, highly sustainable real estate.”

Fenway Center
- Dec 21, 2018

Framing Begins for The Fenway Center Two tower cranes are in place and framing has started for the first phase of the Fenway Center. This part of the project will include 2 mixed-use buildings to hold 312 apartments and around 37,000sf of ground floor retail space. Construction on Phase 1 is expected to be complete in early 2020.   The $600M project will also add significant green spaces, pedestrian-friendly walkways, and an elevated streetscape,  enhance this corner of the Fenway neighborhood. Fenway Center will also feature one of the largest private solar power plants in MA, and the MBTA's first net-zero-energy train station.   

Fenway Center
- Sep 27, 2018

Garage Foundation Work Begins at Fenway Center Matt Edlen of Gerdling Edlen tells BLDUP via email that they have completed earthwork on the site and have started working on the garage foundation.  The $240 million Phase 1 of the project will feature 2 residential buildings totaling around 340,000 sf.  The underground garage now in process will include 200 parking spaces. Construction on Phase 1 is expected to be complete in early 2020. In total, the Fenway Center development will cost around $600 million and contain 1.1-million-square-foot of mixed-use space including approximately 550 residential units, 160,000 square feet of office space and over 50,000 square feet of retail.

Fenway Center
- Aug 14, 2018

Site Work Begins on Phase 1 of the Fenway Center Site work is underway on Phase 1 of the Fenway Center in Kenmore Square.  This first phase of the $600 million project is set to include two residential buildings containing 312 units and around 37,000 sf of retail space.  Construction on Phase 1 is expected to be complete in early 2020.  Three additinoal buildings will then be constructed for phase 2 including a 27 story mixed-use building, a 111K sf residential building and a parking garage.  In total the Fenway Center project will bring around 550 residential units, 160,000 sf of office space, and 50,000 sf of retail to the neighborhood.  

Fenway Center
- Dec 10, 2017

Fenway Center secures ground lease and construction financing, groundbreaking planned mid-January Fenway Center joint venture partners Gerding Edlen, TH Real Estate and Meredith Management have signed a $21 million long-term ground lease with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) for Phase I of the project and secured over $136.5 million in construction financing through The Union Labor Life Insurance Company, allowing construction of the project to begin after years of delays. Construction of the $240 million Phase I is scheduled to begin immediately, with a groundbreaking ceremony planned for mid-January. Starting the week of Monday December 11th, logistics for Phase I’s construction will begin to be put in place on site.Phase I of Fenway Center will take two years to construct, with completion expected in early 2020. Phase I will feature two buildings with 312 apartments, 37,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and 200 underground parking spaces. A 12,000-square-foot air rights deck and landscaped pedestrian walkway will also be constructed over Yawkey Station as part of the project. Fenway Center’s much-anticipated groundbreaking represents the culmination of years of work. The project was first proposed in 2002 by Meredith Management. “We are very pleased that this important project for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston will finally be realized,” said Kelly Saito, a Partner at Gerding Edlen, in a prepared statement. “Fenway Center’s phenomenal location, the vibrancy of the surrounding neighborhood and the continued demand for housing in the Boston market make this a great time to start construction.” “It is extremely gratifying to achieve this milestone for the project,” said co-developer John Rosenthal of Meredith Management in a prepared statement. “I could not have asked for better partners than Gerding Edlen and TH Real Estate to bring Fenway Center to life.” “Boston is thriving and remains a target for institutional investors around the globe,” said Pamela West, TH Real Estate’s Regional Head of Multifamily Transactions, Northeast, in a prepared statement. “The city’s live/work environment has attracted companies from the suburbs and increased demand for housing and mixed-use properties, and we are pleased to join our partners on this project.” Upon full completion, Fenway Center will represent a $600 million investment in the Fenway neighborhood, generating $5.7 million in property taxes per year. The project will feature a total of approximately 550 residential units, 160,000 square feet of office space and over 50,000 square feet of retail, in addition to over 30,000 square feet of park and green space. Discussions are ongoing between Fenway Center's developers and MassDOT regarding the lease agreement for Phase II of the project. The developers are required to close the Phase II lease by December 2020.

Fenway Center
- Jul 09, 2017

Fenway Center developers finalizing air rights lease, construction launch expected this Fall Developers John Rosenthal and Gerding Edlen have been granted an extension through the end of September to finalize their 99-year state lease for the Massachusetts Turnpike air rights necessary to build the 1.1-million-square-foot Fenway Center, which is now expected to start construction work this Fall. Initial preparation work could commence as early as September on the $230 million first phase of the $590 million, two-phased project. The first phase will be constructed next to the Massachusetts Turnpike on existing parking lots bounded by Beacon Street, Maitland Street and Yawkey Way. The developers and the state had originally faced a June 30th deadline to finalize the lease; however, appraisals of the property took longer than expected. In an interview with the Boston Herald, State Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack said the state agreed to extend the deadline to September given that the developers have been “meeting milestones and getting things done,” and that there has been “a lot of progress in recent months.” The developers will pay the state $21 million once the lease is finalized. Fenway Center will feature five buildings containing approximately 550 residential units, 160,000 square feet of office space and over 50,000 square feet of retail, in addition to over 30,000 square feet of on-site park and green space and 1,290 parking spaces.

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