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Total Square Footage 1,696,530
Total Dollar Volume $1,200,000,000.00


Established 1989
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Weiss/Manfredi is a multidisciplinary New York City-based design practice that combines landscape, architecture, infrastructure, and art. The firm's notable projects include the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center, the Tata Innovation Center at Cornell Tech, the Singh Center for Nanotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania, the Museum of the Earth the Embassy of the United States, New Delhi, and Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park


MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Sep 20, 2019

Work Continues at One Broadway in Cambridge The old roof at the terrace access near Venture Café will be removed and a new roof will be installed next week.  L1 with occasional L2 noise is expected in the 5th-floor annex. Panels will be installed on the walls of the mechanical headhouse and on the terrace shaft wall, and stair area wall next week. L1 with occasional L2 noise is expected in the 5th-floor annex. Louver installation and related work will take place next to the lobby between the tower next week. Visual impacts near the lobby will occur. Waterproofing at the terrace knee wall area will take place on Saturday, September 21st through next Wednesday. An asphalt odor may be detected on the 5th-floor annex. A cap and lighting will be installed at the knee wall next week.  L1 noise is expected in the 5th-floor annex. Metal column wraps will be installed at the columns on the terrace along the window line.  L1 with occasional L2 noise is expected in the 5th-floor annex. The sidewalk fence will be moved to allow more walking space for pedestrians at the end of next week except at louver area next to the lobby where work continues. Lobby, Elevator, and Garage The new elevator to the second-floor inspection is upcoming. Punchlist work in the lobby will take place. 165 Main Street Construction Site (former Surface Parking Lot) Emergency egress from Stair 3 is through the garage, where the garage doors will automatically open in the event of an emergency. Please follow the signage. Finish work at the loading dock and corridor. Backfill and install a sub-slab vent system. Punch-list items are ongoing. Liner Retail Building at Broad Canal Street Wood installation continues and plantings will be installed along Broad Canal. Lighting and bench installations will also take place. Basement and Sidewalk on Main Street Equipment installation and outfitting work for the market continue. Brothers Market Electrical and plumbing connections and duct insulation on the roof. Expect L1 noise in the 5th-floor annex.

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Sep 12, 2019

Core Climbing on MIT Kendall Square Site 3 The core is climbing and steel framing has started on site 3 of MIT's Kendall Square Initiative. The building will include 280,000 square feet of flex lab and office space over 27,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. The Kendall Building, with its clock tower, will remain and become part of the main entrance to the project.  

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Jul 18, 2019

MIT Kendall Square Construction Recap MIT's Kendall Square Initiative is rapidly progressing with various stages of construction underway on 4 sites within just a few blocks of Cambridge's most sought after neighborhood. At 314 Main Street, future home of Boeing, facade install is reaching the top floors and next door at 290-292 Maint Street exterior work looks to be nearly complete. The concrete core is also climbing on site #3, 238 Main Street, for what will be a lab/office tower. Just down the block, the renovations to One Broadway are also rapidly progressing with the Roche Brothers supermarket set to open in the next few months. Work has also started on site #1, next to One Broadway, for the NOMA building. NOMA will include around 300 residential units, 2 levels of parking, and ground-floor retail/restaurant space.

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Jun 10, 2019

Work Underway for Site 3 of MIT's Kendall Square Initiative Work has started on the core for building 3 as MIT continues to change the face of Kendall Square. Building 3, located behind the Kendall Building at 238 Main Street will be a 12-story tower designed by Perkins+Will. The building will feature 27,000 square feet of ground floor retail along with 280,000 square feet of flexible lab and office space. on the upper floors. The redevelopment of the Kendall Building is a companion to the project as well. This early 1900’s building with its unique clock tower will become the main entrance to the complex with a 5 story atrium separating the existing and new buildings’ lower masses.   

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Apr 05, 2019

Construction on One Broadway and 314 Main Street Progressing as Part of MIT's Kendall Square Initiative Framing continues to rise for 314 Main Street as part of MIT's Kendall Square revamp with glass facade install now kicking off. The 17 story building will be home to Boeing and the MIT Museum. Construction is expected to run through 2020. Just down the block work is also continuing on the addition to One Broadway which will be home to new 19,000 square foot Roche Brothers Supermarket. This much-anticipated addition to the neighborhood is set to open this summer.

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Feb 06, 2019

Framing Underway for 314 Main in Kendall Square Steel framing is underway for the 17 story building at 314 Main Street a key piece of the MIT Kendall Square Initiative. 314 Main will feature 343,000 square feet of office space, 100,000 of which will be home to Boeing. The office space will feature column-free floors, terraces and Boston views.The project will also include 6,000 square feet of retail and the new MIT Museum Construction is expected to be complete in 2020.

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Nov 23, 2018

Concrete Core Climbing at 314 Main Street in Kendall Square The concrete core is climbing for site 5, 314 Main Street, as part of MIT's Kendall Square Initiative.  The upcoming 17 story building will be home to Boeing, who has leased 100K sf of space in the project along with the new 57K sf MIT Museum.  The building will also feature retail and restaurant space on the ground floor.  Construction is expected to be complete in 2020.

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Nov 16, 2018

Framing Ongoing for Addition at One Broadway Framing is ongoing for the addition to One Broadway as part of the MIT Kendall Square Initiative. One Broadway will be home to the 19,000 square foot Roche Brothers Marketplace.  The updated ground floor will also include a restaurant and an updated lobby.  Construction on One Broadway is set to be complete in Summer 2019.

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Sep 20, 2018

Concrete Core Construction Underway at 314 Main Street The first tower crane is now in place at 314 Main Street, lot 5 of MIT's Kendall Square revamp, with the second crane to be installed in just a few days time.  Work is also ongoing for the concrete core of the upcoming 17-story building that will be home to Boeing, the world's largest aerospace company, who has leased 100,000 square feet of the project. 314 Main Street will also house the new 57,000 square foot MIT Museum and feature retail and restaurant space on the ground floor. Construction is expected to be complete in 2020.  

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Aug 01, 2018

Boeing will be Kendall Square Initiative’s First Major TenantBoeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, will soon become part of the MIT/Kendall Square innovation fabric. The company has agreed to lease approximately 100,000 square feet at MIT’s building to be developed at 314 Main St., in the heart of Kendall Square in Cambridge.The agreement makes Boeing the first major tenant to commit to MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative, which includes six sites slated for housing, retail, research and development, office, academic, and open space uses. The building at 314 Main St. (“Site 5” on the map above) is located between the MBTA Red Line station and the Kendall Hotel. Boeing is expected to occupy its new space by the end of 2020.“Our focus on advancing the Kendall Square innovation ecosystem includes a deep and historic understanding of what we call the ‘power of proximity’ to address pressing global challenges,” MIT Executive Vice President and Treasurer Israel Ruiz says. “MIT’s president, L. Rafael Reif, has made clear his objective of reducing the time it takes to move ideas from the classroom and lab out to the market. The power of proximity is a dynamic that propels this concept forward: Just as pharmaceutical, biotech, and tech sector scientists in Kendall Square work closely with their nearby MIT colleagues, Boeing and MIT researchers will be able to strengthen their collaborative ties to further chart the course of the aerospace industry.”

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Jul 10, 2018

Construction Continues at One Broadway as Part of MIT Kendall Initiative Construction is ongoing at One Broadway in Kendall Square to make way for the new 19,000 square-foot Brothers Marketplace. Roche Bros. Supermarkets signed a lease on the space late last year, bringing a much-needed grocery store to Kendall Square.  The updated ground floor at One Broadway will also include a restaurant, new space for Dunkin Donuts, and an updated lobby.  Work on this part of the project is set to be complete in summer 2019. These improvements are part of a larger MIT Kendall Initiative which includes 6 new buildings for this Cambridge neighborhood.

MIT Kendall Square Initiative
- Apr 24, 2018

A New Era in Kendall Squarevia MIT NewsAs construction continues, the MIT Kendall Square Initiative project is expected to offer significant benefits for Cambridge, for MIT, and for the region. It will bring new housing units to one of the most sought-after parts of the city, as well as major new research and development facilities to what is already, as The Boston Globe recently described the Kendall area, “the beating heart of biotech. And if Kendall is the beating heart, then MIT must be the aorta. …” The new facilities will provide even greater opportunities for interaction and cross-fertilization between the biotech and other high-tech companies that have flocked to the area, and the students and faculty of MIT, whose presence helped draw those companies in the first place. The intermingling of these academic and commercial communities should further enhance the already abundant opportunity for partnerships, internships, collaborations, and serendipitous meetings.The large development project remains on schedule using Touchplan, a construction software that allows developers to plan, implement, and monitor projects in their entirety. The innovative software gives developers the ability to see the full spectrum of their project down to every last detail. Touchplan has let developers keep their projects on or ahead of time leading to lower costs and more efficient construction.

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