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114 Whitwell Street, Quincy, MA

The property features a 14.9-acre site, home to the former Quincy Medical Center acquired by FoxRock Properties in December of 2016.  FoxRock is currently working on development plans for around 600 residential units on the site. FoxRock has entered into a five-year lease with the Steward Satellite Emergency Facility to continue providing Emergency Room services to the community at the property while the development is in planning.

New detailed plans for The Hill propose 598 housing units, supported by a range of amenity spaces and landscapes. The plan allows for residential uses, assisted living, long-term care, and senior independent living. The plans also call for the redevelopment of the Classical Revival three-story brick structure facing Whitwell, the Administration Building to provide amenity spaces, management office space, and a small ancillary retail space open to the community.  The project would include  9.43 acres of open space that will host a variety of recreational uses available to residents and the public.



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Oct 22, 2018

The city of Quincy's Planning Board will hold a special hearing regarding FoxRock Properties plans...


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