Project Progress: Building Permit Issued

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About 40 Trinity Place

Back Bay, Boston, MA 02116

Upcoming 33-story tower in Copley Square.

The tower will feature 146 luxurious condominium residences atop 154 hotel rooms, expansion space for the adjacent University Club and ground-floor restaurant space.

Amenities at 40 Trinity Place will include lounges, conference/ballroom areas and a pool/fitness center available to both building residents and guests. Parking will be provided at area garages.

The tower will replace the existing Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center, an eight-story, 84,200-square-foot building featuring 64 hotel rooms and a 13,650-square-foot conference facility. 40 Trinity Place will be located steps from the South End, Newbury Street and Downtown Boston, convenient to rapid transit and commuter rail lines.

The tower will be built to LEED Gold sustainability specifications. The following are renderings of 40 Trinity Place:


40 Trinity Place Renderings

Dollar Volume $375,000.00
Square Feet 431,273




Stories 33
Height (feet) 393

Latest Updates

Raffles boston back bay hotel and residences

Apr 26, 2018

The first mixed-use Raffles property in North America coming to the Back Bay


3 40trinityplace1

Nov 02, 2017

Early 2018 groundbreaking expected for 31-story 40 Trinity hotel and residential tower in Back Bay


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Mar 22, 2016

A Notice of Project Change (NPC) was submitted recently for the approved development at 40...


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Philip Harris
If I am not mistaken, this project has been approved by the BPDA. At least it is reported as such on their website.
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