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About 75 Morrissey Boulevard

Dorchester, Boston, MA

2.25-acre development site on which stands a 27,914-square-foot industrial building located steps to the JFK/UMass rapid transit station.

The site is located adjacent to the 16.5-acre former Boston Globe headquarters property at 135 Morrissey Boulevard.

Interstate 93 is located a short drive from 75 Morrissey Boulevard, as are the JFK Library, Boston Harbor and Downtown Boston.

The early plans, which have not been filed with city officials, show a 23-story residential tower over 3,800 square feet of retail and a 26-story tower over 7,600 square feet of retail. Multi-story parking garages would sit beneath each building, for a parking ratio of about 0.5 to the total unit count, which Binette said seemed “reasonable given the trends” toward using transit and reduced driving.

Dollar Volume $14,500,000.00
Square Feet 27,914



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75 morrissey boulevard dorchester boston ma

Mar 14, 2019

The owners of several key Morrissey Boulevard parcels floated a plan for two 20-plus-story towers...


75 morrissey boulevard dorchester boston center court properties pob capital development site

Oct 01, 2018

The owners of the former Channel 56 property on Morrissey Boulevard are weighing the concept...


75 morrissey boulevard dorchester boston center court properties pob capital development site

Jun 29, 2017

Center Court Properties and POB Capital acquire 2.25-acre Dorchester parcel for $14.5 million


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Philip Harris
Of course, the tiny-brained, Frog-pondian Bostonians who are abjectly opposed to ANY building over 5 stories in height will be out in droves to kill this project These NIMBY-NAUGHTS just do not get it - prevention of growth is a sure fire way of killing the overall economic health of the Boston area, and concomitantly, preventing the increase in the housing stock will eventually make ALL housing units UN-affordable; what good is your home in terms of a marketability if no one can afford it?!!!!!! The YOU HAVE IT NIMBYS MUST BE SILENCED on any and all project proposals. Eschewing politically correct language, NIMBYS, Go to FRIGGING HELL!
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