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Architects Miller Dyer Spears
General Contractors Shawmut Design and Construction
Landscape Architects Copley Wolff Design Group
Developers Boston University
Subcontractors Gaston Electrical
Technology Companies Touchplan

About Myles Standish Hall Renovation

610 Beacon Street, Fenway, Boston, MA

Renovation and restoration of Boston University's existing 660-bed Myles Standish Hall student residence in Kenmore Square. Interior HVAC and elevator systems will be upgraded across the building, and all spaces and rooms will be modernized. Myles Standish Hall's exterior facade will be fully restored with new windows and updated brickwork and stonework.

Myles Standish Hall will be renovated in phases, allowing for continued partial occupancy. As part of the renovation, a new adjacent pedestrian plaza will be constructed at the intersection of Beacon Street and Bay State Road. Full completion of the Myles Standish Hall Renovation is expected by Fall 2018. The following are renderings of the renovated Myles Standish Hall:

Myles Standish Hall Renderings

The following is a site plan of the renovated Myles Standish Hall:

Square Feet 203,000


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Start Date Sep 01, 2016
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Jul 24, 2018

Construction continues on the East Half of Myles Proper and the Annex at Boston University’s...



Mar 09, 2017

Restoration underway at BU's Myles Standish Hall in Fenway


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Feb 15, 2016

Myles Standish Hall Renovation is now approved for construction.


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