Divine Design Center Creates Cutting-Edge Custom Kitchen at Cambridge Multi-Unit Development

By Madison Silvers

October 11th, 2017

DDC 137 Walden Street Cambridge MA Oct 6 2017Photography Keitaro Yoshioka 037


As the old adage goes: out with the old, and in with the new. And, never has the saying been so true for Divine Design Center.

When the Divine showroom picked up and started anew in its’ Battery Wharf Showroom, its’ designers weren't entirely convinced that new projects from old Boston Design Center prospects would follow suit. However, for Divine designer Samantha DeMarco, these fears proved steeped in anything but reality. Especially when fate came a-knocking a little less than a year ago, here at the Divine showroom.

With modern design on the rise, and a legion of developers in the Boston area expanding their scope, the renovation of this unique home, located on Walden Street in Cambridge, was a designer girl's dream come true.

DDC 137 Walden Street Cambridge MA Oct 6 2017 Photography Keitaro Yoshioka 024

DDC 137 Walden Street Cambridge MA Oct 6 2017Photography Keitaro Yoshioka 004


Samantha worked closely with the "hands-on" developer in creating a kitchen design for both units inside the Walden Street renovation, both of which were cutting edge, yet cost-effective.

The final concept included spectacularly-lit niche shelving and an unexpected marriage of both gray and black cabinetry from Leicht.

Speaking of Leicht Cabinetry, the decision to use the German kitchen designers for this development was obvious. There are still few in the cabinet game that do the sleek cabinet design, and do it right!

Concept 40 Cabinets Gif

For example, take Exhibit A of the above "Concept 40" cabinets implemented on this project by lead designer Samantha DeMarco.

According to Leicht, "with Concept 40, the term 'wall units' has been newly defined. The design principle is the flat covering of the total wall space above the worktop. The horizontal line is achieved with 40 cm high front runs. As a special design feature, these fronts have grip rails in a stainless steel look at the bottom or are color powder-coated. More handle types are not available. Electric damper drives are optionally available. They can be combined with or without grip rails. Concept 40 was developed as “stand-alone” planning unit and was deliberately not made to match tall unit heights."


In a similar vein to the Concept 40 Cabinets, Samantha, alongside her client, paid special attention to other sound elements associated with contemporary design.


For starters, the designer proposed Sillite outlets for the kitchen island. The integrated modern outlets meet building code (for outlets on an island), while also maintaining the clean appeal desired by modern inquirers, and designers alike.


Second, Leicht's trademark handle-less cabinets played an integral part in the detail-oriented + final effect in the finished look.



Angled-cornered cabinetry, an innovation from Leicht, alluded to the maximized addition of space in this development.

For more information on Divine Design Center and their work on developments in the Boston area, follow the link here.

Contributor Bio


Mariette Barsoum and her company Divine Design Center have offered developers luxury, European cabinetry at cost-effective rates since 2004.

Subsequently, Divine Design Center, a woman, minority owned business, has provided Boston’s multiplying developments with premium quality kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms suitable to expanding buyer’s demands that permeate the metropolitan area.

Apart from their 8,000 square foot modern + transitional European showroom which showcases the before mentioned, Divine is heralded for their:

•         Top quality product with global name recognition

•         Value engineering

•         Developer-only pricing through exclusive partnerships

   with our European manufacturing partners

•         Detailed plans

•         Local, competent support

•         Timeliness

•         Strict adherence to budget

•         Reliable deliveries

•         High end design services at no additional cost with

   Boston’s top design team

•         3D photo realistic rendering to pre-sell units

•         Financing to qualified developers


Increase the value of your units under development via Divine’s modern, European manufacturers. Garner the pre-sale of your project’s units well before completion with cabinetry that exudes seamless design and beautiful finishes. Our quality, cost-effective cabinets + Boston’s top design team emanate the best solution for your development’s needs.

Divine Design Center >>

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