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Interior Doors + Room Dividing Systems inside Your Future Developments

Interior Doors + Room Dividing Systems inside Your Future Developments

Divine Design Center

Interior doors are, irrevocably, one of the most important elements inside of your future developments. Furthermore, interior doors and room-dividing systems enunciate space, maintain privacy, and ultimately + especially will elevate desire in many a buyer.

With that said, the hollow doors, made of veneered plywood or fiberboard, of current standing work against the success of the rising tides of Boston developments. These echo-ey, poorly constructed “gates” allude to their purpose, but that’s about it. Noise is not trapped and privacy is rarely kept. Their bulky frames are far from subtle, and their century-old intentions are now just merely antiquated.

So, where do we go from here?

To Europe. Evidently.

With backgrounds in steel and aluminum production, Italian companies such as ALBED and Pail Porte are re-thinking what it means to design and implement a door inside any and every kind of home.

ALBED is an Italian company and has been in production since 1964. The Milan-based industrialists came about "with the idea of making high-quality design aluminum complements. It has developed its style and its own production skills while maintaining its original goals." All modern living concepts developed and produced by ALBED are made from eco-conscious and industrial grade materials. ALBED manufactures all of its living solutions, i.e. doors, windows, dividers, and wardrobes in Italy. According to ALBED, “These solutions can adapt to any space, to furnish rooms while creatively optimizing every area of the home and office in a refined, thoughtful and innovative manner. Technology, know-how and our production cycle that is entirely an internal process, allows us to make products and offer a “tailor-made” service for every furnishing need."

On a similar note, “Pail is a leading company in producing interior doors and wooden, wooden aluminum, aluminum, and PVC windows. One productive world that has more than 200 subordinates shared on four factories, on about 100.000 mq surface (45.000 mq covered surface). Every year Pail makes out 75.000 internal doors, 15.000 external windows, semi-manufactured and wooden components, for the home and foreign market.”

Thus, hardy, fully-flush doors and room-dividing systems play off of these manufacturer’s VERITAS: delivering a high-quality and diverse product that infinitely satisfies.

You have the option to choose from a finite group of finishes, materials, and styles. Furthermore, innovations from both of these lines offer efficient changes to the final product. This being, the introduction of a magnetic lock as opposed to your standard deadbolt.

From a swing door to a sliding one, and everything above, both ALBED and Pail offer unique styles that accentuate a developments value rather than deter from it.

For information on Interior Doors or any other interior design inquiries for developments, we invite you to visit Divine Design Center online, give us a call at (617) 443-0700, or take a trip down to our showroom located at 2 Battery Wharf, Boston, MA 02109!

~Madison Silvers

Contributor Bio


Mariette Barsoum and her company Divine Design Center have offered developers luxury, European cabinetry at cost-effective rates since 2004.

Subsequently, Divine Design Center, a woman, minority-owned business, has provided Boston’s multiplying developments with premium quality kitchens, wardrobes, and bathrooms suitable for expanding buyer’s demands that permeate the metropolitan area.

Apart from their 8,000 square foot modern + transitional European showroom which showcases the before mentioned, Divine is heralded for their:

•         Top quality product with global name recognition

•         Value engineering

•         Developer-only pricing through exclusive partnerships

   with our European manufacturing partners

•         Detailed plans

•         Local, competent support

•         Timeliness

•         Strict adherence to budget

•         Reliable deliveries

•         High-end design services at no additional cost with

   Boston’s top design team

•         3D photorealistic rendering to pre-sell units

•         Financing to qualified developers


Increase the value of your units under development via Divine’s modern, European manufacturers. Garner the pre-sale of your project’s units well before completion with cabinetry that exudes seamless design and beautiful finishes. Our quality, cost-effective cabinets + Boston’s top design team emanate the best solution for your development’s needs.

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