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Business Intelligence

Segment Data. Find Leads. Close Deals.

Create complex segments to find and track the exact niche your business operates in. Find demoltion permits over $1M in the neighborhoods of your choice. Set an alert for when a deed changes hands in your city. Find the average cost of construction for all current retail projects in your state.

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Instant Notifications

Follow. Get Updates. Drive Business.

Follow a project through its stages of construction and get notifications at every step. Follow organizations and learn each new project they are working on. Follow custom Business Intelligence segements you set up. Let the data you need to improve your business come directly to your inbox.

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Contact Information

Find the Data. Find the Person. Make the Deal.

Finding the project or organization that will turn into a huge business opportunity is only the beginning. BLDUP provides contact information for exactly the person you need you to talk to make the deal.

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Advanced Analytics

Your Properities. Your Data. Track Impact.

BLDUP receives hundreds of thousands of qualified visitors and many of them are visiting your BLDUP pages. Get a detailed look at your how and when users are visiting and interacting with your BLDUP properties.

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BLDUP Lead Funnels

Answer a Few Questions. BLDUP Finds You Leads.

Can't think of a good way to find the leads you need? Use BLDUP's proprietary lead generation system. Simply answer a set of qualifying questions and BLDUP will search for leads that match your businesses needs.

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Content Publishing

Don't Wait For Clients. Go To Them.

Don't wait for customers to find your digital presence - go out and reach them. Publish projects, tag your organization on projects you have worked on, and create news articles all from your BLDUP marketing tab.

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