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Established 2013

108-110 Arlington Street Mid Rise LLC At A Glance

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Limited liability company registered to Ruth Ann Moorman based in Boston, MA.


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Arlington House
- Aug 08, 2020

CO Issued for Bay Village Luxury Condos A temporary certificate of occupancy has been issued for the residences at 108-110 Arlington Street. Originally planned as a boutique hotel the historic building now offers 5 luxury homes. One through four-bedroom units feature custom millwork and chef's kitchens.

Arlington House
- May 19, 2020

Permit Pulled for Finish Plumbing at Arlington House A permit has been pulled to complete the finish plumbing at 108-100 Arlington Stree, The Arlington House. The project is currently undergoing a renovation to feature 5 distinct luxury condos.

Arlington House
- Dec 12, 2019

Final Stages Underway At Arlington House  Located blocks from the Boston Public Garden, the Arlington House Boutique hotel is nearly finished with a completed exterior and historic renovation, and final touches being put on the inside. The hotel includes 19 rooms and a ground floor cafe. 

Arlington House
- Oct 23, 2018

Interior Finishing Underway for Boutique Hotel in Bay Village Interior finishing is underway at 110 Arlington Street in Bay Village for the upcoming 19 room boutique hotel. The 150,000 square project will include a cafe on the ground floor.  The existing historic building on the site was restored and two additional floors were added.  The hotel is located just a few blocks from the Boston Public Garden.

Arlington House
- Jul 03, 2016

New Bay Village boutique hotel nears topping-off The Boston Boutique Hotel, a new 19-room boutique hotel located at 110 Arlington Street in Bay Village, is about to top off. The rooftop addition has risen its full two stories, and construction of interior and exterior framing (silver metal) of the addition is well underway. Since our last visit in June, significant progress has been made on framing. Designed by Hacin + Associates, The Boston Boutique Hotel will restore a historic three-story building and construct a new two-story rooftop addition. A project rendering is posted above. View from Arlington Street View from Arlington Street View from Arlington Street More information about The Boston Boutique Hotel is posted below.Jun 19, 2016 Framing starting at new Bay Village boutique hotel Structural steel for The Boston Boutique Hotel's rooftop addition has risen the full two stories, and interior and exterior framing has begun. View from Arlington Street View from Arlington Street

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