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Established 2016


Development entity registered to Reid Joseph.


69 ASTMA Owner, LLC
- Aug 17, 2018

South Boston Development Moves Forward With Project Updates

The 69 A Street project site consists of three adjacent parcels located in South Boston. There are two existing structures at the site, a three-story brick and beam building formerly used as a rivet factory and a two-story building.

The project was originally approved in 2016, but the approval of this NPC will revise the original project to include the removal of the project’s sixth story, the removal of the originally approved rear addition to the existing three-story building, a decrease of commercial gross floor area, a 5,900 square foot floor plate reduction, the removal of 1,300 square feet of deck space, and the relocation of 1,070 square feet of roof deck from the rear of the building to the front of the building, stepping back the fifth floor. 

As a result of these proposed changes, the proposed development will now consist of the demolition of the existing two-story building at the rear of the site, as well as the renovation and two-story addition to the existing building. This will include 33,700 square feet of commercial space and 12,000 square feet of ground floor retail space with 18 off-street parking spaces.

69 A Street
- Jul 12, 2018

Notice of Project Change at 69 A Street

The Proponent has developed certain proposed modifications and a related reduction in scope of the previously approved project including removal of the rear addition to the existing building, and a reduction in stories being added to the top of the existing building from 3 to 2, correlating in a total square footage reduction from 78,700 square feet to 45,700 square feet along with a building height reduction from 68’ 4” to 56’ 4”. The proposed Floor Area Ratio has decreased from 4.43 originally approved to 2.57 proposed.

69 A Street
- Feb 15, 2016

69 A Street is now approved for construction. 69 A Street is located across A Street from also-approved The Residences at 100 A Street.

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