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Daniel Chudnovsky A.I.A Architects, Inc.

Interior Designer

Daniel Chudnovsky, AIA, Architects Inc. (DCA), was founded in 1989 and has grown steadily ever since due to its offering of traditional architectural services (superior design and general oversight for the construction process) along with a comprehensive array of pre and post construction services. DCA has provided architectural services for the who's who in the entertainment industry, commercial developers and an array of private and public companies. Our extensive abilities help our clients address the shifting economy, expanded governmental regulations and a rapid growth in technology. Without compromising design goals, we function as facilitators for our clients’ investment in the built environment. Our proactive management style keeps your project on track without sacrificing aesthetic opportunities. Mr. Chudnovsky’s design philosophy is to combine the tradition of timeless architecture, with the realities of current technology, while keeping and eye on what will be compelling in the future. We discover creative inspiration for aesthetics by focusing on what is unique to each: site, facility, client ideology, and the palette of construction materials which are within the scope of the budget. Coupling this design discipline with the goals of creating coherent space, functional detail and fresh concepts results in the most appropriate design for each project. Mr. Chudnovsky takes the design /management lead on each project, and clients find his unwavering energy and talent are in balance with his maturity as an architect of architecture. He holds a master degree in architecture from Harvard, and learned the profession from some of this era’s most heralded architects. Staff architects/ designers and consultants complement Mr. Chudnovsky’s abilities to create the finest results possible for each project. DCA will tailor a program of general design, pre and post construction services for your next project.

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Daniel Chudnovsky A.I.A Architects, Inc. Overview

Address: 1180 South Beverly Drive
# of Projects: 1
Area of Work: Burbank
Work in Sectors: Office, Retail, Housing, Restaurant, and Hotel/Lodging
Established: 1989

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