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Eversource is New England’s largest energy delivery company, safely and reliably delivering energy to approximately 3.7 million electric and natural gas customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Our commitment to energy efficiency includes an investment of more than $500 Million annually.

Eversource has a dedicated energy efficiency new construction team providing whole-building solutions for:

  • Ground-up new buildings

  • Additions

  • Complete gut renovations

  • Tenant fit-outs – gut renovations of spaces in existing buildings or new tenant spaces in new buildings

  • New – Ask us about EV charging station installation assistance and incentives up to 90%

Planning for energy savings at the pre-schematic stage of your new construction or major renovation project results in multiple benefits:


  • Financial incentives to offset the incremental costs of efficient equipment and systems.

  • Engineering resources including an energy brainstorming session with your design team, energy modeling, and the services of an energy efficiency expert who can speak the language of roof and wall systems, HVAC systems and controls, and high-performance lighting.

  • A high-performance building with less maintenance issues, that is more comfortable for occupants and more desirable to prospective tenants.

  • Year-after-year energy savings that start as soon as your building is operational.

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Winthrop Center
- Nov 25, 2019

Foundation Work Continues for Winthrop Center Foundation work continues at Winthrop Center, set to be the largest Passive House office building in the world. The 53-story tower is designed to surpass LEED Platinum status. Along with a leading-edge building envelope, the project team is working with Eversource to maximize energy efficiency. Eversource is advising on the optimization of the chiller and boiler plants and is also providing incentives to support the highly efficient envelope, lighting, and HVAC equipment. In addition to the customer incentives, Eversource will also provide design team incentives to support the advanced design practices associated with this project. Other best in class features of the Winthrop Center office component will include a Passive House ventilation system that will provide higher levels of fresh air, shown to enhance creativity and productivity. The tower will also be wired platinum, offering the best in digital infrastructure. Tenants of the 750,000 square feet of office space will also have access to The Collective, a 35,000 square foot club that features a fitness center, game room, coworking space, and coffee bar. Atop the office space, Winthrop Center will also feature around 500 luxury condo homes. Construction is expected to last through the first quarter of 2022.

- Nov 12, 2019

Window and Facade Install Underway for The Beat Windows are going in, and new sections of the brick facade are taking shape at The Beat in Dorchester. The redevelopment of the former Boston Globe headquarters will feature 695,000-square-feet of creative office, lab, and retail space. Amenities on-site will include a fitness center, roof deck, mini-basketball court, and a golf simulator. The project will also include a 100-seat restaurant and craft microbrewery. As part of the renovation, Eversource is working with the development team at Nordblom to support the installation of energy-efficient infrastructure. High-efficiency rooftop air conditioning units will be used to condition and ventilate the building, and an LED lighting scheme will provide superior lighting quality while consuming minimal energy. The Beat will also include one of Eversource’s largest EV projects, featuring more than 40 spaces equipped with ports for charging electric vehicles. Construction is expected to wrap up this coming spring.

Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine
- Oct 04, 2019

Work Continues on BU Dental Expansion & Renovation Construction of the addition along with renovations to existing space continues at the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. In the existing section of the building, new windows are being installed along with updated ceiling grids to enable new lights and HVAC equipment.  Elsewhere in the 7-story, 41,900 square foot addition installation of new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems is also ongoing. The project will also include numerous energy efficiency measures being completed in partnership with Eversource. Eversource provided energy modeling services to drive deeper energy savings from measures such as enhanced fan speed control, variable condenser water control and preheating supply air from the water-side economizer. Eversource will provide incentives for these measures through the Mass Save C&S New Construction program when the measures are installed and verified as being operational.When complete in Spring 2021 the expanded dental school will include new clinical space to make treatment environments more comfortable along with 40% more instructional space. This new space will allow for a better experience for patients, students, and faculty and staff and complements the school’s innovative curriculum.

Vassar Street Undergraduate Residence Hall
- Sep 19, 2019

Facade Install Begins for MIT’s Vassar Street Residence Hall Facade install has kicked off for MIT’s new residence hall located along Vassar Street just outside Central Square in Cambridge. The project will contain 450 beds for undergraduate students along with 16 apartments for graduate resident tutors and faculty members. The 156,000 square foot building will also house shared community space and a dining hall, along with ample bike parking. The building has been designed to meet LEED Gold standards, and Eversource is providing energy efficiency solutions for the project. Eversource is supporting the construction of this highly efficient student residence hall through incentive payments for beyond-code technologies as well as third-party technical input during the design process. Even though this facility is fed from a central plant, considerable energy savings were achieved through improvements to fenestration selection, the lighting design, HVAC controls, and optimized energy recovery systems. The technical review process uncovered mid-design phase assumptions that would have significantly over-ventilated the residential portions of the facility. Eversource’s feedback led to a simplification of the ventilation systems, a reduction in lifetime energy use, and reduced construction costs. Construction is expected to be completed in time for the Fall 2020 semester.  

15 Necco
- Sep 16, 2019

Construction Nearly Complete for GE’s Renovation at Necco Court Months after scrapping plans for a larger tower on the site, GE is wrapping up construction on renovations to the historic buildings on Necco Court. After deciding not to move forward with the new construction aspect of the project GE sold the site to Alexandria Real Estate and signed a 12-year lease for the warehouse buildings. The 100+-year-old brick and beam warehouses are currently being fully renovated and will include a bistro and modern office space for around 250 GE employees. As part of the project the Necco Court bridge is being restored with half of the bridge’s facade being replaced with new metal, while the side facing the Fort Point Channel will be replaced with glass. Gensler is the architect on the project and Eversource provided energy efficiency solutions. Eversource is supporting a number of energy-efficient building elements in this project with incentive dollars, including energy-efficient lighting and lighting controls, high performing chillers, pumps, windows, walls and roof materials with high insulating values. Construction is expected to wrap up in the coming months.  

Thought Leadership coming soon.