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Total Square Footage 80,000


Established 1994
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Phone Number 303.783.3900

It started with zero work but big ideas to build a company based on honesty and partnership. Fransen Pittman knew that their work and the manner in which they operated had the power to impact the lives and the communities around them. It was with this principle at the forefront that gained work for FP. Work that hasn’t slowed down since. Armed with a culture and philosophy to work hard- but work for others- that Fransen Pittman has grown quickly and grown gracefully. They’ve expanded the offices and the market reach over the years, but they founding values have held true.

Driven by a desire to be a different breed of builder, Fransen Pittman does more than simply build buildings. The clients’ facilities are where communities come to study and learn, be inspired, advance health and sciences, and build the foundation for their life’s work. The uniquely transparent and hands-on approach means each project receives their team’s full commitment. No matter how large or small the project is, they employ the same level of collaboration, innovation, and discipline to ensure their finished projects meet or exceed the client’s vision.



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Pinnacle at RidgeGate