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Handel Architects LLP is an architecture, interior design, and planning company that operates globally. Its projects include commercial and residential properties. The firm is based in New York City but also has additional offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong. 


Millennium Partners
- May 14, 2019

Work Continues on Slurry Walls for Winthrop Center

Construction continues on the slurry walls for the $1.3B Winthrop Center project in Downtown, Boston. The 53 story tower will include  500 condominium residences, with approximately 750,000 square feet of commercial office. The entire tower is designed to meet LEED Platinum standards with the office portion striving to become the world's largest Passive House office. Office tenants will also have access to a full floor of amenities including a fitness center, coffee bar, and game area. The most unique amenity, however, will be an electromagnetic-free zen room which will block cell phone service with a radiation-blocking grid built into the walls. Residential and office tenants will also have access to a proprietary app, ConnexIQ, which will allow them to access information on energy efficiency, request services, or order coffee.

Construction on Winthrop Center is expected to be complete in 2022.

Winthrop Center May

Millennium Partners
- Apr 04, 2019

Early Stages of Construction Continue at Winthrop Center as The Great Hall is Renamed The Connector

As site and slurry wall work continues for Winthrop Center the development team has announced a shift in the plans for the common space at the bottom of the project. What was originally dubbed The Great Hall, 12,000 square feet of public space over three floors has been revamped and renamed "The Connector". The update calls for a long lobby across the base of the tower, "connecting" Federal Street and Devonshire, still open to the public and programmed with year-round events.

Construction on the 691' tower is expected to be complete in 2022.

Winthrop Center

Millennium Partners
- Jan 30, 2019

Foundation Work Begins for Winthrop Center

Foundation work has started for Winthrop Center, the 53-story tower coming to Boston's downtown. The massive project will feature around 500 condo residences along with 750,000 square feet of commercial space. At the base of the tower will be a Great Hall that will create a new connection between Winthrop Square and Federal Street. The Great Hall will offer retail and restaurant options along with 21,000 square feet of shared meeting space.

Construction is expected to be complete in 2022.

Winthrop Center January 1

Winthrop Center January 2

Millennium Partners
- Nov 20, 2018

Site Work Continues for Winthrop Center

After an official groundbreaking complete with fireworks was celebrated about 1 month ago site work is in full swing for Winthrop Center in downtown Boston. The $1.3 billion project will be Boston's 4th tallest building at 691 feet when complete. The top 26 floors of the tower will contain around 500 condo residences with around 750,000 square feet of office space below. At the base of the project will site three floors of public space dubbed The Great Hall to include a restaurant and retail space along with shared meeting space. There will also be 5 levels of parking underneath the tower with space for 550 cars.

First occupancy at The Winthrop center is expected in early 2022.


Millennium Partners
- Oct 19, 2018

Winthrop Square Tower to Officially Break Ground Next Week

After years of planning the Winthrop Square Tower, now called Winthrop Center, will finally be moving forward with a groundbreaking set for next week.  While demolition of the abandoned garage has been ongoing Millenium Partners finally gets the go-ahead to break ground as the City Council voted to appropriate the funds from the sale of the garage earlier this week.

The $102 million sale of the property was finalized earlier this month. Funds from the sale will go toward funding open spaces including $23 million to The Boston Common & Franklin Park and $11 million for completion of the Emerald Necklace.

The $1.35 billion tower will be Boston's 4th tallest building when complete at 691 feet and will include around 500 condominiums and around 750,000sf of office space.



Millennium Partners
- Oct 02, 2018

Millennium Partners Officially Acquires Winthrop Square Garage Site for $102 Million

New York-based, Millennium Partners has officially acquired the property at 115 Federal Street in Boston, the site of the Winthrop Square Garage, for $102 million. 

The property was acquired from the Boston Redevelopment Authority and is planned for an upcoming 53-story, 691-foot-tall tower that would replace a decrepit City-owned parking garage located in Winthrop Square in the heart of Downtown Boston. Across the $1.3 billion, 1.592-million-square-foot tower’s top 26 floors would be approximately 500 condominium residences, with approximately 750,000 square feet of commercial office space across 20 floors below.

Winthrop Center
- Jun 29, 2018

Site Work Underway at Winthrop Square

Site work is in full swing at Winthrop Square in Downtown Boston.  Now that the old Winthrop Garage has been removed and approval for the project received in May, work on the 53 story tower is moving forward.  This $1.3 billion project will include approximately 500 condos on the upper floors and 750,000 sf of commercial space below.

The tower’s first three floors would contain a 12,000-square-foot Great Hall public space set to include restaurant, retail, and public meeting space.

Winthrop Center
- May 18, 2018

115 Winthrop Square moves forward, paving way for affordable housing and parks investments

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board of Directors approved a total of nine development projects representing $1.6 billion in investments at the May Board meeting.  Altogether, the projects will generate 1,171 residential units and 2,306 jobs once construction is complete.

Following a comprehensive public process, the Board approved the 115 Winthrop Square project, paving the way for a $163 million payment to the City of Boston that will be invested in affordable housing and open space. Mayor Martin J. Walsh has committed funds to the Boston Common ($28 million), Franklin Park ($28 million), the Emerald Necklace ($11 million), Boston Housing Authority's Old Colony development in South Boston ($25 million) Orient Heights development in East Boston ($10 million), and $5 million for a City-held fund to benefit the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The project is expected to generate over $15 million a year in property tax revenue and make significant investments in affordable housing and workforce training programs.

Winthrop Center
- Jan 04, 2018

Revamped Winthrop Square tower would start construction Q2 2018

Millennium Partners has thoroughly redesigned its’ proposed $1.3 billion Winthrop Square tower, shrinking its’ height to 53 stories and 691 feet from 775 feet as originally proposed. Under the new proposal, upper condominium residences have increased from 460 to approximately 500, and office space has increased from 635,000 square feet to approximately 750,000. The tower would also include approximately 31,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space and 21,000 square feet of public meeting space centered about the previously proposed three-story ground-floor Great Hall public space. A previously proposed 14,620 square foot startup accelerator on the tower's second floor has eliminated, though Millennium may consider a similar concept for the project’s final design. A rendering of the project’s latest design is posted above.

Given the increase in condominium count, the Winthrop Square tower would generate up to $166 million in payments to the City of Boston, more than the nearly $153 million the original tower would have generated. Millennium’s deal to acquire and develop the City-owned Winthrop Square Garage, which the tower will replace, consists of a $102 million upfront payment and $100 per sold condominium square foot. Millennium will also create 115,000 square feet of new affordable housing as part of the project, most likely in Boston’s Chinatown in collaboration with the Asian Community Development Corporation. Additionally, Millennium has agreed to pay the Friends of the Public Garden $125,000 per year for 40 years following the project’s completion in order to maintain and enhance Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden.

Millennium began demolishing the dilapidated Winthrop Square Garage in Fall 2017 in order to make way for the proposed tower, and aims to start construction of the tower in the second quarter of 2018 targeting initial occupancy by the first quarter of 2022. Millennium has filed plans for the revised tower with the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA), who is now reviewing the proposal.

Winthrop Center
- Dec 13, 2017

Winthrop Square Garage demolition underway to make way for 700+ foot tower

After standing vacant and decrepit in the heart of Downtown Boston since 2013, the Winthrop Square Garage is coming down to make way for Millennium Partners’ proposed 700+ foot tall tower. Significant portions of the garage have been demolished, allowing passersby to see directly between Winthrop Square and Federal Street. With the garage demolished, excavation of the proposed tower’s three-level underground parking garage and construction of the tower's foundation will be able to begin.

Millennium will file detailed plans for the proposed tower with the City of Boston in the coming months to begin the tower’s official review process. The tower’s proposed height was recently reduced to 702 feet from 775 in light of concerns regarding flight paths to and from Logan Airport. The tower will contain luxury condominium residences on upper floors, with office space below and a 65-foot-tall ground-level public "Great Hall" lined with three levels of retail. Millennium will pay the City of Boston $153 million to acquire the Winthrop Square Garage site. The following are photographs of the Winthrop Square Garage's demolition:

Winthrop Square Garage Demolition Photos

Winthrop Center
- Sep 12, 2017

Millennium drops proposed Winthrop Square tower height due to flight path concerns

In light of concerns regarding flight paths to and from Logan Airport, Millennium Partners has dropped the height of its' proposed Winthrop Square tower from 775 feet to 702. The 775-foot-tall tower would have stood in the path of a major airport runway, diverting planes to other runways and decreasing Logan Airport's efficiency. “We will not be proposing a building that has any impact on flight paths in or out of Logan International Airport,” said Millennium Partners Principal Joe Larkin in a Boston Globe interview.

The height reduction, likely five to seven floors, will likely be taken from the tower's office component as opposed to condominiums; Millennium Partners' $153 million payment to the City of Boston to acquire the Winthrop Square Garage site is partly contingent upon condominium sales. The tower could be made wider in order to compensate for the height loss. With the decreased height, the proposed tower would likely cause shorter shadows upon Boston Common and the Public Garden, a controversial consequence of the previously proposed 775-foot tower. However, added tower width could result in its' own shadow impact. Millennium Partners plans to reveal updated tower plans this Fall.

Winthrop Center
- Jul 31, 2017

Proposed Winthrop Square tower moves forward with Governor’s approval of revised shadow laws

Governor Charlie Baker has approved revisions to state laws that limit casting shadows on Boston Common and the Public Garden, allowing Millennium Partners’ proposed $1.02 billion, 775-foot-tall Winthrop Square tower in the Financial District to move forward with Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) review. Under the revised law, which replaces a law that banned constructing buildings that cast shadows on the parks during the day, Millennium Partners will be able to build the tower pending BPDA approval.

The previous law only allowed new buildings to cast shadows on the parks either during the first hour after sunrise or before 7 AM, whichever was later, or during the last hour before sunset. Under the new law, which makes an exemption for Millennium Partners’ proposed tower, a shadow bank for new buildings in the Midtown Cultural District, which would have allowed for new shadows to be cast on the parks after 10 AM, has been eliminated, limiting height of future buildings in the neighborhood. Millennium Partners’ proposed Winthrop Square tower would cast no more than 90 minutes of shadows across part of Boston Common on the morning of September 10th, and no more than 26 minutes of shadows across the Public Garden on the morning of August 24th, with shorter shadows cast across the parks throughout the rest of the year.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the BPDA both expressed support for the revised law, officially dubbed “An Act protecting sunlight and promoting economic development in the City of Boston.” “This common sense change will better protect the Boston Common and Boston Public Garden for years to come, while allowing a project that will generate hundreds of millions of dollars for Boston’s neighborhoods, parks and public housing to move forward. We look forward to continuing to work with the many community stakeholders and local legislators as this project moves through the Article 80 process,” said BPDA Director Brian Golden in a prepared statement. In addition to BPDA approval, the proposed tower will also require approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to reach its’ proposed height of 775 feet tall.

Millennium Partners would pay the City of Boston a total of $153 million to acquire the Winthrop Square garage site. Mayor Walsh has pledged the money towards public space improvements, including to Boston Common, and creation of new affordable housing. Millennium Partners has also reached an agreement with the Friends of the Public Garden to pay $125,000 per year for 40 years towards parks improvements. Millennium Partners’ 775-foot-tall tower would feature 36 floors of luxury condominium residences above 14 floors of office space and a 65-foot-tall ground-floor public "Great Hall" lined with three levels of retail. The proponent aims to break ground on the tower in 2018.

Winthrop Center
- Apr 27, 2017

City Council approves 775-foot-tall Winthrop Square tower

Boston’s City Council voted Wednesday to approve Millennium Partners’ proposal to build a $1.02 billion, 775-foot-tall tower on the site of the shuttered Winthrop Square Garage in the heart of the Financial District. The tower, which would be Boston’s third-tallest, was approved by a 10-3 margin.

Because the proposed tower would cast a new shadow on Boston Common and the Public Garden, the tower will also require approval from Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the State Legislature and Governor Charlie Baker. Mayor Walsh has expressed support for Millennium’s proposal. Shadow coverage would be no more than 90 minutes across part of Boston Common on the morning of September 10th, and no more than 26 minutes across the Public Garden on the morning of August 24th; shorter shadows would be cast across the parks the rest of the year.

Millennium’s proposal calls for 36 floors of luxury condominium residences above 14 floors of office space and a 65-foot-tall ground-floor public "Great Hall" lined with three levels of retail. Millennium would pay the City of Boston a total of $153 million to acquire the garage site.

Millennium Tower and Burnham Building
- Dec 14, 2016

Dell acquires Millennium Tower penthouse for $10.9 million, new restaurants open

Dell Technologies Chairman & CEO Michael Dell closed yesterday (Tuesday, December 13th) on his acquisition of a penthouse condominium at the newly opened Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing. Dell acquired a 4,110 square foot penthouse on the 60-story building’s 59th floor featuring three bedrooms, four full bathrooms and one half bathroom for $10.9 million. Dell also acquired two parking spaces in Millennium Tower’s underground garage. Dell will live in the heart of Downtown Boston an elevator ride away from top-notch resident amenities and restaurants at Millennium Tower. Japanese seafood restaurant Pabu and a new Caffe Nero opened last month on Millennium Tower and the adjacent Burnham Building’s lower floors. With Dell’s acquisition, sales of 401 Millennium Tower homes (91% of 442 total) have closed totaling $906 million.

Winthrop Center
- Nov 02, 2016

BPDA designates Millennium Partners as Winthrop Square Garage developer

At last night's board meeting, the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) officially tentatively designated Millennium Partners as the developer of the Winthrop Square Garage in the Financial District. Millennium Partners will pay the BPDA about $153 million for the Winthrop Square site, including $10 million upfront for the site, $92 million when a building permit is obtained and approximately $51 million when condominium closings commence.

Millennium Partners expects to break ground at Winthrop Square by September or October 2017, The Boston Globe reports. “We’re eager to get going,” says Millennium Partners executive Joe Larkin. The BPDA selected Millennium Partners as the Garage's developer in August 2016 from a pool of six contestants. Millennium Partners' proposal will now undergo official review for construction approval.

Millennium Tower and Burnham Building
- Oct 16, 2016

84% of Millennium Tower condos closed for over $800 million, retail opening November

Millennium Tower is complete and has opened to residents. Sales of 373 condominiums (84% of 442 total) have closed for over $800 million. A Millennium Partners representative confirmed that Pabu, a Japanese seafood restaurant, will open at the tower on November 1st. Caffe Nero will open a cafe at Millennium Tower in mid-November, with Old Navy to follow in the first quarter of 2017.

Millennium Tower’s exquisite glass facade is prominently visible from all over Boston and is a key component of the 21st century Boston skyline. Vidaris, Millennium Tower’s building envelope consultant, provided exterior wall shop and job site monitoring throughout the tower’s construction. Vidaris also provided roofing and waterproofing job site monitoring for Millennium Tower. Vidaris performed energy modeling for both code compliance and LEED credits. The following are exterior photographs of the completed Millennium Tower:

Millennium Tower Photos

The following are interior photographs of Millennium Tower, courtesy Millennium Partners:

Millennium Tower Interior

Winthrop Center
- Aug 04, 2016

Millennium Partners selected to construct Winthrop Square tower

In an official release today, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and the City of Boston announced that Millennium Partners has been selected as the developer of the 115 Winthrop Square site and that negotiations for sale of the site will commence imminently; the following is a link to the release. Millennium Partners proposes to construct a 55-story, 750-foot tall tower containing 36 upper floors of condominiums across 612,000 square feet, 14 floors of office space across 442,400 square feet and a 65-foot high, 13,000 square foot ground-floor public "Great Hall" lined with three levels of retail. A 14,620 square foot startup accelerator would be built on the tower's second floor. Millennium Partners' tower would cost a total of approximately $1.02 billion to build. Per Millennium Partners' proposal submission, the firm has access to the approximately $331 million of equity required to develop the tower without a financial partner; the following is a link to the proposal submission. Construction of the tower could commence in summer of 2017, with initial occupancy in summer of 2020.

Millennium Partners was one of six contestants who vied to develop 115 Winthrop Square, the site of the long-shuttered Winthrop Square Garage, in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) issued in March 2016; the following is a link to more information about the RFP and the six proposals submitted. Millennium Partners submitted a purchase price offer of approximately $150.8 million paid to the city to acquire the 115 Winthrop Square site, the highest offer received. The next highest offer was for $100 million; the following is a link to all six price offers for site acquisition. Per the BRA and the City of Boston's official release, Millennium Partners was selected based upon the following factors:

  • Longstanding collaboration between the firm and Handel Architects, who designed Millennium Partners' RFP submission in addition to Millennium Tower and multiple other Millennium Partners projects

  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly design, as evidenced by the submission's targeted LEED Platinum certification. If achieved, Millennium Partners' tower at 115 Winthrop Square would be Boston's second LEED Platinum residential tower, the first being Atlantic Wharf.

  • Public space improvements anchored by the ground-floor "Great Hall," which would host arts performances and community events and would be lined with multiple retail options.

  • Dynamic uses in Downtown Boston including residential units, retail, office space and a startup accelerator.

  • Benefits to the local economy including:
    • Nearly 3,000 construction jobs
    • Capacity for approximately 2,200 office workers and 390 retail and restaurant jobs
    • Creation of approximately 82 building management and operations jobs
    • Partnership with the Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC) for and contribution of $25 million towards creation of new affordable housing in Chinatown.

Millennium Tower and Burnham Building
- Jul 15, 2016

Millennium Tower move-ins start today, building 96% sold and nearly finished

The Boston Globe reports that the first Millennium Tower residents are moving into the building today (Friday, July 15th, 2016). Workers were reportedly putting finishing touches on lower floors this week, with upper floors scheduled for completion later this year. Millennium Tower is reportedly 96% sold, with all but about 20 of the tower's 442 units accounted for.

According to Richard Baumert of Millennium Partners, about 75% of Millennium Tower units were sold to Boston-area buyers. The first deeds for Millennium Tower unit sales were recorded Thursday, with closing prices ranging form $875,000 for a 16th floor unit to $8.7 million for a 45th floor unit. A total of 47 unit sales have closed as of Thursday. Buyers thus far include local executives as well as relatives of Harry Agganis, namesake of Boston University’s Agganis Arena.

The following are photographs of the nearly finished Millennium Tower:

View from Public Garden

View from Boston Common

View from Traveler Street

Penthouse close-up

Windows close-up

View from Public Garden

View from Public Garden

Millennium Tower and Burnham Building
- Apr 22, 2016

Caffe Nero and Old Navy coming to Millennium Tower this year

Millennium Partners' proposal submission for the Winthrop Square Garage redevelopment offers a glimpse at two exciting new retailers coming to Millennium Tower this year. Caffe Nero will reportedly open a second Downtown Crossing location at the tower. Old Navy will open a location at Millennium Tower as well. As previously announced, PABU, a Japanese restaurant, will open across two floors at Millennium Tower in fall 2016.

Once these three retailers move in, Millennium Tower's 350,000 square feet of retail will be 100% occupied. In other news, Millennium Tower's 442 residential condominium units are reportedly 95% sold. Condominium sale closings will commence this summer in July.

The following is the Millennium Tower project profile in Millennium Partners' Winthrop Square proposal:

Millennium Tower and Burnham Building
- Jan 08, 2016

Millennium Tower crane coming down

Millennium Tower's crane, Boston's tallest structure to date, is coming down as the building, built by Suffolk Construction, nears full completion! Glass is just about fully installed, and ground floors look ready for exciting new Downtown Crossing retail options.

View from Washington Street

View from City Hall Plaza

Ground floor

The Viola
- Nov 04, 2015

MassDOT officials approved a deal this week with Peebles Corporation to develop the Viola. Peebles will make a $30.5M rent payment to MassDOT in exchange for development rights.

Boston Globe writeup— http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2015/11/03/airrights/D3prxqWZUQp4cg16GeKugI/story.html?event=eve...

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