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Total Square Footage 6,365,197
Total Dollar Volume $1,289,540,867.00


Established 1900
Employees 2500
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Established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. The University, which is based in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, has an enrollment of over 20,000 degree candidates, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Harvard has more than 360,000 alumni around the world.


4 Blackfan Circle
- Oct 03, 2019

Reno Permit Pulled for Lab Space at 4 Blackfan Circle A building permit has been pulled for renovations to lab space on the 8th & 9th floors of 4 Blackfan Circle. The permit, valued at $1.17M, calls for MEP and architectural upgrades. 

Schlesinger Library
- Aug 27, 2019

Renovations Nearly Complete at Harvard's Schlesinger Library Renovations are wrapping up at Harvard's Schlesinger Library as the building is scheduled to re-open in mid-September. Along with repairs to the building envelope, interior renovations include an enlarged exhibit/lobby space and a tech-enhanced seminar room. One goal of the project is to foster interactive access to library collections. 

Harvard University Science and Engineering Complex
- Jul 03, 2019

Custom Facade Going Up at Harvard's Science and Engineering Complex The custom facade system specially designed for Harvard's Science and Engineering complex is now being installed. The system includes 3 different facade elements to optimize energy efficiency and thermal performance. On the upper floors, a metal skin will cover the building to minimize solar heat gain in the warmer month, capture thermal energy in winter, and provide natural light and ventilation to the interior spaces. On the two below-grade levels transparent glass ribbons open toward the public courtyard but are still shaded by projecting slab edges and light shelves that will reflect natural light deep into the interior of the building. The central atrium of the project features large glass façades that also bring in more natural light. All three outer façade systems include operable vents to support natural ventilation for the facility. On the interior of the project fireproofing is ongoing along with drywall finishing and MEP install. Construction is expected to be complete in the fall of 2020.

Harvard University Science and Engineering Complex
- May 16, 2019

MEP Install Ongoing for Harvard's Science and Engineering Complex MEP install is ongoing for Harvard's upcoming Science and Engineering Complex at the heart of their Allston Campus. Work also continues on the building facade, roof install, and landscaping for the plaza deck. The project will provide classroom, lab, and research space for over 1,800 science and engineering students, researchers, and faculty. A large interior atrium will welcome guests, and the upper floors will be wrapped with a performative façade that will optimize natural interior lighting and ensure optimal heating and cooling efficiency. Construction is set to be complete in 2020.

Harvard District Energy Facility
- Apr 19, 2019

Harvard's New Allston Energy Facility Nearing Completion Construction on the 58,000 square foot Harvard Allston Campus District Energy Facility is nearing completion with expected opening this spring. The cogeneration facility will provide electricity, hot water, and chilled water to the Allston campus. Designed by Leers Weinzapfel Associates, the DEF uses a compact cubic form with rounded corners that allows for maximum flexibility of future development as the Allston Campus expands.

Harvard ArtLab
- Jan 22, 2019

Construction Nearly Complete for Harvard's ArtLab Painting and other interior finish work is wrapping up for Harvard's ArtLab as a temporary certificate of occupancy has been issued for the new building in Allston.  The 9,000-square-foot lab will feature space for arts including film, theater, dance and media. Amenities at the ArtLab will include sound editing stations, an audio recording studio, and space for rehearsal, improvisation, and informal performance.   

Harvard University Science and Engineering Complex
- Jan 18, 2019

Interior and Exterior Work Ongoing for Harvard's Science and Engineering Complex Exterior and interior work are ongoing for Harvard's 535,000 square foot new Science and Engineering Complex. Facade install continues along with fireproofing and waterproofing and MEP installation. The service elevator is also being built for the six-story building. The $1 billion project in Harvard's Allston Campus will serve as the hub for 1,800 science and engineering students, researchers, and faculty. The massive building will house laboratories, classrooms, and related teaching and research space along with a  5,000-square-foot Maker Space, featuring high-end manufacturing and assembly workstations and allowing students to test ideas and incubate enterprises. Construction is set to be complete in 2020.

Harvard District Energy Facility
- Dec 12, 2018

Facade Install Ongoing for Harvard's New Energy Facility Exterior work and facade install are ongoing for Harvard's new Energy Facility off Western Avenue in Allston. The 58,000sf project will supply Harvard's Allston Landing development (which they just added more property to) with electricity and hot/cold water.  Construction of the facility is expected to be complete in Spring 2019.

Allston Landing
- Dec 10, 2018

Harvard Acquires More Property at Allston Landing for $40.294 Million Harvard University has acquired another 567,241 square feet of land at Allston Landing for $40.294 million.  The property consists of the Allston Landing rail yard, previously owned by CSX Transportation and now owned by Harvard University. Harvard now owns 4,487,641 square feet of land at Allston Landing and has spent $137,540,867 in total to acquire the property.

Schlesinger Library
- Nov 28, 2018

Renovations Underway for Harvard's Schlesinger Library To mark its 75th anniversary Harvard's Schlesinger Library is undergoing both interior and exterior renovations.  The project includes facade restoration, improvements to maintenance systems along with a larger exhibit space and state of the art seminar room. The goal of the renovations is to increase engagement with the library's extensive collection of documents vital to the history of women in America. Construction is set to be complete in September 2019.

Harvard University Lowell House
- Nov 27, 2018

Harvard Lowell House Bell Tower Revitalized Work continues on the renewal of Harvard University's Lowell House in Cambridge. As part of the project, the bell tower that houses the iconic Russian bells has been renovated, both inside and out. A new elevator will replace the seven flights of stairs leading to the tower and with the scaffolding removed the beautiful exterior refinishing can be viewed. Other parts of the extensive renovation include a new senior common room, with a working fireplace and courtyard view, new music and art rooms along with a screening room and lounges. When complete next fall Lowell House will be home to 414 students.   

Harvard University Science and Engineering Complex
- Sep 21, 2018

Construction Continues on Harvard's $1 Billion Science & Engineering Complex Facade work continues along with steel and concrete work inside Harvard University’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  The 535,000 square foot building will house a new lab, classroom, and research space for 1,800 students. The building will also feature a new 5,000-square-foot Maker Space, to include high-end manufacturing and assembly workstations that will allow students to test ideas and incubate enterprises. Construction is set to be complete in Fall 2020.

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