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Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, Inc. (NOAH) At A Glance

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NOAH, the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, is an East Boston-based community development corporation structured to collaborate with and support residents and communities in their pursuit of affordable housing strategies, environmental justice, community planning, leadership development, and economic development opportunities. NOAH eagerly partners with those residents, neighborhood entities, municipalities or groups that share similar values and goals in order to improve standards of living, build community, and create social/economic opportunities, especially for low- and moderate-income persons, families and disadvantaged groups or areas. NOAH’s goals and programs are built on a commitment to equality, fairness, diversity and respect for all people.


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The Aileron
- Jun 19, 2020

$2.3M Permit Pulled for 2nd Building at The Aileron A permit valued at $2,374,697 has been pulled to begin construction on the 2nd building at The Aileron in East Boston. This building at 131 Condor Street will contain 7 condominiums, 4 market rate, and 3 affordable. The first building at 141-151 Condor Street, already under construction will contain an additional 33 units along with artist and community spaces along the ground floor.   

The Aileron
- Jan 08, 2020

Building Permit Issued for The First Building at The Aileron in East Boston A building permit has been issued for the first building at The Aileron along Condor Street in East Boston. This building, at 131 Condor will include 7 condos, a mix of 4 two-bedrooms and 3 three-beds. The second phase of the project at 141-151 Condor will include 35 apartments along with 17 artist spaces and community space on the ground floor.

Coppersmith Village
- Aug 15, 2019

CO Issued for Apartments at Coppersmith Village A certificate of occupancy has been issued for the 56 apartments at Coppersmith Village in East Boston along with the core and shell of the ground-floor commercial space that will feature a restaurant with outdoor cafe space. Coppersmith Village will also include 15 new ownership condo townhomes along Liverpool Street that runs parallel to Border Street where the apartment buildings are located.       

Coppersmith Village
- Mar 27, 2019

Construction Nearly Complete for Coppersmith Village in East Boston Construction is wrapping up and leasing has started for Coppersmith Village in East Boston. The development includes two new apartment buildings along Border Street featuring 56 units and 15 condo townhomes on Liverpool Street. The site is located just a few minutes from the Maverick Square MBTA Station. A total of 37 parking spaces are included under the rental buildings and each townhome includes a one car garage. Coppersmith Village also features a 3,000 square foot ground floor retail/restaurant space.  

The Aileron
- Mar 15, 2019

40 Unit Project Approved in East Boston The Boston Planning Board has approved The Aileron, a nearly 50,000 square foot mixed-use development at 131-151 Condor Street in East Boston. The project will include two buildings with a total of 40 residential units, artist studios, a work bar/gallery, community studio space, a workshop, 35 off-street vehicle parking spaces, and at least 40 on-site bicycle storage spaces. Twenty-eight of the units will be income-restricted. The vacant land for the project was previously owned by the Boston Planning & Development Agency and was transferred to the Department of Neighborhood Development (DND) in 2017 for disposition in support of affordable housing.

Coppersmith Village
- Oct 16, 2018

Rental Buildings at Coppersmith Village Nearing Completion Construction on the two new multifamily buildings along Border Street is coming to a close with residents expected to move in during the coming months.  The 56 apartment units of Coopersmith VIllage will range in size from one to three bedrooms.  Along Liverpool Street, exterior work is ongoing for the 15 new townhomes that will be available for purchase. The East Boston development will also feature parking for 37 cars along with ground floor retail space.  The upcoming new rental buildings along Border Street in East Boston. The townhomes along Liverpool Street of Coppersmith Village.

The Aileron
- Oct 02, 2018

The Aileron in East Boston Under Official Review The Aileron, a development proposed by Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, Inc. (NOAH) is under official review. The $7.775 million project consists of a mixed-use building with 40 residential units, artist studios, work bar/gallery, a workshop, and community studio on Condor Street in East Boston.

Coppersmith Village
- Jan 10, 2018

Coppersmith Village apartments on East Boston Waterfront top off, condominium foundation work underway Coppersmith Village’s two multifamily buildings along Border Street, which will feature 56 rental apartments located steps from the East Boston Waterfront, have topped off at five stories tall. Along Liverpool Street, the foundation of 15 ownership condominium townhouses are being constructed. Green Zip R sheathing has been fully installed along the multifamily buildings’ facades, and exterior balconies have been framed. Installation of the multifamily buildings’ windows is expected to begin imminently, and roofing work is nearing completion. Once the multifamily buildings are sealed, interior finishing work will be able to commence. Construction of the townhouses’ wooden structural frames is expected to begin later this month. The following are photographs of Coppersmith Village:

Coppersmith Village
- Aug 28, 2017

Foundation work nearing completion at East Boston’s Coppersmith Village, featuring rammed aggregate piers installed by Helical Drilling The foundation of Coppersmith Village, a $33 million mixed-use development in East Boston featuring 71 residences and approximately 3,000 square feet of ground-floor retail, is nearing completion, with Helical Drilling about to complete installation of Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Pier® (RAP) elements in the development’s soil. RAP elements reinforce unsuitable soils, providing an improved subgrade in order to support conventional shallow footings and slab-on-grade floor loads. RAPs are particularly suitable for sites with caving soils, contaminated soils and/or shallow groundwater and provide enhanced stiffness of relatively soft soil layers, making RAPs an optimal choice to reinforce foundations of development projects built on sections of Boston, for instance the East Boston Waterfront, which were constructed through land-making with urban fill. RAP installation also generates little to no excess spoils and eliminates the need for casing or dewatering. The foundation of Coppersmith Village’s south mixed-use building is complete; the building’s first-floor steel podium has been erected, and elevator shafts are about to top off at five stories tall. The south building’s concrete foundation base slab will be poured in mid-September, after which the top four floors will be framed with wood. Coppersmith Village's north mixed-use building’s foundation has been 80%-installed, and elevator shaft erection has begun. The north building’s steel podium will be erected starting the first week of September. Helical Drilling has completed installation of RAPs in the foundations of both mixed-use buildings, which are located along Border Street, and will install RAPs in the future foundation of Coppersmith Village’s 15 townhouse residences, which will be located along Liverpool Street, starting the first week of September. The following are photographs of Coppersmith Village, courtesy Tocci Building Corporation:

Coppersmith Village
- Jun 08, 2017

Initial demolition nears completion at East Boston’s Coppersmith Village mixed-use development Initial demolition work is just about complete at Coppersmith Village, with only one partially-demolished structure left to clear. Following completion of demolition, work to construct foundations for Coppersmith Village’s two rental apartment buildings and 15 individually-owned townhouses will commence. In total, Coppersmith Village will feature 71 residences and approximately 3,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. The following are photographs of Coppersmith Village:

Coppersmith Village
- Feb 22, 2017

Demolition underway to make way for East Boston's Coppersmith VillageDemolition of existing buildings has commenced at the future site of East Boston's 71-unit mixed-income Coppersmith Village residential development. Once the buildings are cleared, foundation work will begin for Coppersmith Village's 2 main rental apartment buildings and 15 individual ownership townhouses. In addition to residences, Coppersmith Village will include approximately 3,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. The following is a photograph of demolition underway at Coppersmith Village: The demolition of rundown buildings on Border St. is making progress. Coppersmith Village, with 49 affordable units, will take its place!— NOAH (@NOAHCDC) February 21, 2017

Coppersmith Village
- Dec 18, 2016

East Boston’s Coppersmith Village development closes financing, site work starts Coppersmith Village developer Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, Inc. (NOAH) closed Friday (December 16th) on over $26 million of funding, allowing the 71-unit mixed-income East Boston Waterfront development to proceed. Financing for Coppersmith Village is provided by the State of Massachusetts and East Boston Savings Bank. Site work at the Coppersmith Village site is now underway following completion of the project’s construction agreement earlier this month. Construction will last 18 to 24 months and will replace a vacant, deteriorating industrial site with housing and retail. Demolition of the industrial building will commence later this month or in early January. Tocci Building Companies is the project’s general contractor.

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