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Housing: 2 | Parking: 1 | Retail: 1 | Affordable Housing: 1
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SMS is a design and development office located in Cambridge, MA. Their work focuses on finding new possibilities for living within dense urban environments through the integration of landscape and architecture, the coupling of sustainable construction practices with attention to detail, commitment to craft, and a passion for environments that encourage community participation.

They take pride in the quality of our team, comprised of a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a range of fields, from architecture, construction, landscape, and development, to accounting and business administration. Their combined experience spans every phase of the building process.


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Powder House
- Jun 28, 2020

Basis Technology Buys Commercial Condo in Somerville Development Basis Technology has purchased commercial space at 1060 Broadway in Somerville for $8,008,504. The space is part of the Powder House school redevelopment project currently under construction which will include a total of 11,300 square feet of commercial space and 48 apartments.  The Powder House development will also host a variety of public space elements including a lawn and amphitheater and community gardens.

Powder House
- Jun 14, 2020

Interior Finishing Ongoing for Mixed-Use Project in Somerville Interior finish work is ongoing for the redevelopment of the Powder House Community School in Somerville. This adaptive re-use project will create 28 market-rate units, 8 artist live-work units and 12 senior housing units. The project will also include a maker space, a flexible community hub with an outdoor amphitheater, commercial space, and a public park. 

Powder House
- Nov 05, 2019

Construction Continues on The Redevelopment of the Powder House School in Somerville Construction is ongoing for the redevelopment of the Powder House school building near Teele Square in Somerville. Modifications to the materials and arrangement of portions of the facade were approved last month by the Somerville Planning Board. When complete the project will feature 48 apartments along with over 11,000 square feet of commercial space and ample open, green space. 48 vehicle parking spaces and 118 bike spaces will also be located on-site. 

Powder House
- Aug 10, 2018

Construction Underway at Powder House School Redevelopment in Somerville Construction is underway on the redevelopment of the Powder House Community School building in Somerville.  The redesign will feature 48 apartments, 11,300 square feet of commercial space and over 69,000 square feet of open green space.  The development will also feature a lawn and amphitheater, community gardens, mural mall, and athletic courts.   

Parker + Terrace Street NPC
- Jun 18, 2018

Parker + Terrace Street to add 60 Residential Units to Mission HillInitially proposed as a 44-unit mixed-use project, the project change will bring that number up to 60 units with 33 parking spaces. Commercial space is proposed to increase from 4,124 square feet to 5,690 square feet.The transit-oriented development will feature rental housing, including 10 affordable units, each designed around an outdoor space. The project also includes retail space, 82 bicycle parking spaces, vehicle parking, and 50,000 square-feet of community gardens.

Powder House
- Nov 27, 2016

Somerville’s Powder House development moves forward as developer acquires site for $2M Developer MarKa closed last Tuesday (November 22nd, 2016) on the acquisition of the 88,000 square foot Powder House Community School site in Somerville for $2 million. MarKa will construct a vibrant mixed-use development on the site, incorporating the existing school building and adding new adaptive public spaces. The Somerville Planning Board approved MarKa’s project in September 2016. The following is the deed for MarKa’s acquisition:

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