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Torrington Properties is a real estate investment, development, and management firm based in Boston, MA. It creates strategic partnerships to acquire undervalued and under managed assets and applies a proven value creation model through construction and management to each property. The firm and its principal are involved in purchasing, permitting, developing and managing property in Eastern Massachusetts with a focus on Boston and surrounding areas. 

Through creative and thoughtful investment and development, Torrington Properties has managed to consistently produce above-average returns on its investments. The firm currently owns and manages a portfolio valued at over $50 million and consists of residential, commercial and hospitality properties.


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The Quinate
- Jul 16, 2020

South Boston Multifamily Portfolio Sold for $12.5M A five-building, 27 unit multifamily portfolio has sold for $12.5M to Torrington Properties. United Multi Family represented the seller and also procured the buyer in the transaction. The largest building within the portfolio is 1 Schrepel Place which features 12 units along with 8 parking spaces. UMF tells BLDUP "we are very pleased to complete the sale of the whole portfolio for our client. There’s no better steward to the South Boston buildings than Torrington Properties. After a very competitive sale process, we were all dealt a very difficult hand with the pandemic but everyone worked together to get the deal done.”

358-366 Hanover Street
- Nov 06, 2019

Permit Issued for Interior Renovations to 9 Units in the North End Torrington Properties has pulled a permit for interior renovations to the 9 residential units at 364-366 Hanover Street in the North End. Along with new finishes, the project will also include new sprinkler and fire alarm systems. The 5-story building is located directly next to the historic Paul Revere Mall.  

253-261 Hyde Park Ave
- Apr 03, 2019

Hyde Park Multifamily Sold for $9.4 Million Torrington Properties has acquired the property at 253-261 Hyde Park Ave in Jamaica Plain for $9.4 million. The property features a 4 story 32,240 square foot multifamily building that houses 38 individual dwelling units.

12 Foster Street
- Jul 09, 2018

North End Multi-Family AcquiredSouth Boston-based, Torrington Properties has acquired the building at 12 Foster Street for $5 million. The property features a 4-story 5,480 square-foot blonde brick building in Boston's historic North End. The 10-unit structure, built in 1899, is comprised of studio (1), 1 bedroom (2), 2 bedroom (5), and 3 bedroom units (2).

5-11 Woodworth Street
- Oct 27, 2016

Torrington acquires 12 Port Norfolk apartments on 1/3-acre for $4.06 millionTorrington Properties of South Boston has acquired 5-11 Woodworth Street, a 12-unit, 14,500 square foot apartment development located in the Port Norfolk section of Dorchester, for $4.06 million as recorded in the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds. 5-11 Woodworth Street is situated on a 1/3-acre lot that includes surface parking. Belmont Savings Bank provided $3.525 million in financing towards Torrington's acquisition. Torrington invests in, develops and manages several Boston-area properties. The following is the deed for Torrington's acquisition of 5-11 Woodworth Street:

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The Quinate
Acquired By Proponent
1 Schrepel Place, Boston, MA, 02127
253-261 Hyde Park Ave
Acquired By Proponent
253 Hyde Park Avenue, Boston, MA, 02130
12 Foster Street
Acquired By Proponent
12 Foster Street, Boston, MA, 02135-3202