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What is IN THE KNOW?

BLDUP’s networked market platform utilizes data mining and machine learning to help companies with day-to-day market statistics and competitive analytics. Take the sorcery out of marketing and apply the science of Data!

Actionable Market Insights!

Be The First To Know About Real Estate Development in Your City

Search for CRE information in real-time to find market trends, projects, and organization that effect your business.

Find new job opportunities (before an RFP is issued).

Create a company page with your projects linked to be found for new work.

Be indexed with search engines based off the work that you have performed and who you have worked with (SEO)

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Get updates on Permits, Mortgages, and Deeds to create new leads to follow up on new business.

Follow the market place and stay on top of what your competition is doing!

Follow Projects and Organizations for Realtime Updates

Follow projects, companies, and receive automatic updates in your email and dashboard in realtime

Be notified when companies that you are following have new work

Unencumbered search of companies portfolios to see “who’s” building “what” and “where”

Build your brand and analyze your content

Use BLDUP’s exclusive search engine optimization tools to fully control your public perception, and see full analytics of your content’s performance.


"Bldup keeps me in the loop about what projects are coming to market and who (if anyone) already has the listings."
Peter Bouchie, Coldwell Banker

"I check Bldup every morning when I wake up. I search the site to see what jobs my competitors are working on and what jobs I should inquire about"
Millenium Plumbing Solutions

"Bldup helped me to connect with a local developer who was about to begin a new project and still needed on-site signage. I was able to provide materials for the job and two future jobs as well."
Signage Professional Systems, LLC

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