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1810 Randall Avenue Rezoning Update 06/29/22

1810 Randall Avenue Waiting on the CPC

The City Planning Commission (CPC) has already finished reviewing an application for a proposed senior housing facility, at 1810 Randall Avenue in the Bronx's Soundview neighborhood. The application hasn't yet been sent to the City Council, however, because the CPC still needs to vote and conduct a post-hearing follow-up. Applicant, Leon Hovsepian III, is requesting a zoning map amendment that will combine multiple lots. If ultimately approved, the 8-story building would total  square feet and contain  units. It would primarily contain 150 Affordable Independent Residence for Seniors (AIRS) units, but there would also be 23,601 sqft of community facility space. This will house 17 senior supportive housing units, as well as the Second Pentecostal Church of God La Hermosa.

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