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Readville Campus Update 06/12/17

521 middle-income apartments envisioned on multi-acre Hyde Park site near commuter rail

The Noannet Group has revealed new details of its’ proposed Readville Campus 521-unit middle-income apartment development in Hyde Park, which would provide the City of Boston with much-needed middle-income housing located steps to the MBTA commuter rail with rents meaningfully below those in new developments in core neighborhoods. The development would include multiple amenities targeted towards innovative millennial residents, including a two-story workshare space encouraging residents to work from home, a large gym with multipurpose rooms and a half-court basketball court, a coffee house and a rooftop pool and hot tub. Readville Campus would be oriented about a central pedestrian plaza; 36% of the development would be comprised of landscaped green space. Readville Campus would open Sprague Pond to the public for the first time in decades, constructing a new park, waterfront restaurant and pondside lounge. Additional information about Readville Campus is posted above.

“The City of Boston is desperately in need of new housing designed not for the top or bottom ends of the income spectrum but for everyone in the middle,” said Jordan Warshaw, Founder and Principal of The Noannet Group, in a prepared statement. “By creating a development with over 500 new residences on an underutilized site surrounded by train tracks and directly adjacent to the Readville commuter rail station, we will not only help make a significant dent in the City’s middle income housing crisis but do it in a transit-oriented manner that will help minimize its impact on the surrounding community.” The Noannet Group has filed a Project Notification Form (PNF) with the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) proposing to construct Readville Campus; the BPDA is now reviewing the project.

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