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533 Washington street Update 03/14/18

Developer to build co-working space in Downtown Crossing

March 13th, 2018 Boston Ma.

533 WASHINGTON HOLDINGS LLC has pulled a permit to perform interior updates to revitalize former home of the Felt night club to more modern uses. 

Permit application calls for the addition of a bar and restaurant in the basement and 1st floor, a co-working space as well as a new 5th floor addition.

The likes of the Radian, Ava, Millenium Tower and 171 Tremont Street drives an additional residential presence to this well known retail and commuting hub.

This project will add a new sprawling restaurant space to occupy the first floor and create needed ambience at the street level. The co-working space will bring a contemporary and value added utility to a growing class of professionals seeing work-life-balance. the cherry on the top of this proposal is the private club on the top floor. The question is, will there be a roof deck? 

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