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River Ring Update 12/28/21

Approval Granted for Massive Brooklyn Waterfront Project

A major mixed-use project has just been approved for Brooklyn's waterfront in Williamsburg. Developed by Two Trees Management Company, the 1.16 million-square-foot development, known as River Ring, will have two towers, containing a total of 1,050 residential units. These have been designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and are non-identical. The taller tower will stand 64-stories, and top out at over 700 feet tall.

The defining feature, which makes the project so unique is a 6-acre waterfront park at the base of the towers. The park will extend off the banks of the East River and is fully accessible to the public. Plans include two separate beaches, multiple nature trails, open green space, tidal pool areas, and an outdoor tidal classroom. There will also be a boardwalk with a ring-shaped bridge that serves to link most of the park’s amenities together. 

In addition to offering housing and unique leisure activities, River Ring will help provide a practical solution for the local community. Its nature trails will double as breakwaters and are designed to protect over 500 inland properties from storm surge flooding.

In order to facilitate the project, River Street Partners LLC had to submit an application that sought a number of special permits and zoning changes. The list included zoning text amendments, a zoning map amendment, large-scale general development special permits, a landfill action, and the appropriate waterfront authorizations & certification. Before approval, the application had to be reviewed and voted on individually by the Community Board, Borough President, City Planning Commission (CPC), and City Council. After this lengthy, several-month process, the application was finally sent to the NYC Mayor's Office who then gave the project a final stamp of approval.


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