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Armed Forces Retirement Home Redevelopment Update 05/16/22

Armed Forces Retirement Home Redevelopment Scheduled for Early June Review

The highly anticipated redevelopment of the 272-acre Armed Forces Retirement Home into a modern mixed-use development has been scheduled for review from the National Capital Planning Commission. The master plan proposed comprises 4.9 million sq. ft. of space, delivering roughly 3,000 units and 300,000 sq. ft. of retail and hospitality uses, and up to one million sq. ft. of traditional and medical office space. The plan also calls for roughly 20 acres of open and green space. 

The plans were originally proposed in 2008, but development stalled until 2019, when a plan for a portion of the property triggered a review of the entire master plans. The revised plans call for more units, updated layouts for flexibility of applications, and other minor modifications. 

The Pasture

Historic Heart

Pershing Place

Forwood Gate

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