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Suffolk Downs Update 03/14/18

Phase I of Suffolk Downs redevelopment moves forward, bringing 520,000 square feet of office space to East Boston

Live: 1.4 acres of open space, 2,500 square foot community space in building/plaza
Work: 2,500 office jobs, 400 construction jobs
Connect: 100 low-emission parking spaces, 19-dock bikeshare station
Size: 520,000 square feet

Suffolk Downs Phase I represents a 1,092,655 square-foot portion of the larger 4,756,315 square foot parcel known as Suffolk Downs. Phase I includes 520,000 square feet of office space, in two approximately 260,000 square foot buildings, with supporting corporate space on the ground floor. Both buildings will be approximately 124 feet tall, and will include terraced outdoor spaces with a landscaped, open-air walkway between the two buildings. The two buildings will share approximately 500 parking spaces. Approximately 12 acres of existing open space will remain as-is, and approximately 1.4 acres of new open space will be developed, including pedestrian access to the adjacent Suffolk Downs MBTA Blue Line station.

The buildings will be designed with energy conservation measures to achieve an Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of 44 compared to 59 for conventional buildings, resulting in an approximate 24 percent energy usage savings and an approximate 22 percent reduction in stationary source greenhouse gas emissions. The project will integrate the stormwater management system into the open space network, to address potential increases in storm intensity due to anticipated climate change, in accordance with recent Boston Water and Sewer Commission guidance.

The project will include approximately 2,500 square feet of community space for use by the East Boston community, as well as a historical display commemorating the history of Suffolk Downs.

To increase safety at the vehicular entrance to the site, the site entrance at Route 1A and Tomasello Drive (a private onsite drive) will be improved to physically deter illegal left turns from the site onto Route 1A headed southbound, through construction of a barrier/extension of the existing Route 1A median, in partnership with MassDOT.

The project will result in a payment of nearly $3.5M in linkage funds for the Neighborhood Housing Trust, and nearly $700,000 for the Neighborhood Jobs Trust, to create affordable housing and workforce development opportunities.

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