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MetroMark Apartments Update 04/20/16

Nearly 300 transit-oriented housing units coming to Jamaica Plain's Forest Hills

MetroMark Apartments, a four-building transit-oriented mixed-use development containing approximately 283 rental residential units and 5,000 square feet of retail space, will soon open in Jamaica Plain's Forest Hills neighborhood. The first apartments are set to open in June 2016. MetroMark Apartments is located across from a major rapid transit hub, Forest Hills Station, with multiple public transportation options. The Southwest Corridor bike path and walking trail is also located nearby.

The four buildings at MetroMark Apartments have risen significantly and are now a prominent feature of the Forest Hills streetscape.

Looking up Washington Street from Building A towards Building D

Looking down Washington Street from Building C towards Building A and Forest Hills Station

Building A, the closest building to Forest Hills Station, has fully topped off. Fireproofing and windows have been installed along Building A's facade. Installation of exterior finish panels has begun.

Building A; note ground-floor retail space

Building A finishes (left) and fireproofing (right)

Building A looking towards Forest Hills Station

Building A looking towards Building B

Across from Building A, Building B recently topped off. Windows have been installed along Building B's wooden frame, and installation of fireproofing is off to a strong start.

Building B looking towards Buildings C and D

Further up Washington Street, Buildings C and D's wooden frames will soon top off. Elevator cores for these buildings have already topped off.

Building D looking towards Building A

Building D with Building C at rear

The following is a site plan of MetroMark Apartments showing the locations of the four buildings.

More information about MetroMark Apartments is posted below.

View MetroMark Apartments >>

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