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Meriel Marina Bay Update 11/08/16

Meriel Marina Bay reaches full height

Meriel Marina Bay’s Building Two has reached six stories tall, the building’s full height. The frames of both buildings at Meriel Marina Bay are now being prepared for installation of exterior finishes. Windows have been installed along large sections of both buildings. Meriel Marina Bay will open in Spring 2017 and will feature 352 luxurious residential apartments overlooking Boston Harbor with sweeping views of the Boston skyline.

Geotechnical design/build contractor Helical Drilling prepared the Meriel Marina Bay construction site, which overlooks scenic waterfront Squantum Point Park, for development of the two new Meriel Marina Bay buildings. The existing urban fill on which the Park and its’ surroundings are built was deemed unsuitable for traditional foundation support methods such as over-excavate/replace and deep pile foundations. Accordingly, Helical Drilling installed several hundred Geopeir grouted rammed aggregate pier elements in the Meriel Marina Bay site’s soil. These elements extend 9 to 16 feet below grade and support the footings of Meriel Marina Bay. The following are photographs of Meriel Marina Bay, courtesy the development team on Twitter:

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