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Foundry at Drydock Update 10/16/20

Boston EDIC to Sell Two Parcels in Marine Industrial Park for Redevelopment

The Boston Planning and Development Authority approved the leasing of parcels O and P by the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation of Boston to Marcus Partners in the Seaport's Marine Industrial Park. The EDIC, in partnership with Marcus Partners, will seek to redevelop the two parcels.

The BPDA is willing to consent to the assignment of the Au Bon Pain and McDonald leases to Marcus Partners and expects to receive a payment of $12,000,000 on account of its share of the proceeds received by Au Bon Pain.

The currently leased properties consist of approximately 93,500F located at Parcel O (1 Au Bon Pain Way), Parcel P (3 Anchor Way) in the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park. 

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