One Mystic Ave Update 06/20/24

Charlestown Development Site Financed for $25M

Fulcrum Global Investors has financed One Mystic Ave. in Charlestown for $25,836,500 through Needham Bank. Fulcrum won BPDA approval for a 22-story mixed-use tower on the site in September 2023. Scott Brown, Founder and CEO of Fulcrum Global Investors has indicated to BLDUP that they are making minor programming updates with its development team and are aiming to go vertical in the 2026 timeframe.

Brown states "Fulcrum looks forward to providing much-needed housing, including affordable and veteran-specific units, to the Charlestown community as soon as practicable. We are the first large scale development approved in Sullivan Square, and we look forward to being a key part of the creation of an activated community friendly atmosphere in the otherwise difficult to traverse, industrial, Sullivan Square. Sullivan Square Station is one of the most underutilized multimodal transit assets in the region and we look forward to playing our part in the maturing of the transit proximate neighborhood."


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