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River Ring Update 09/15/21

Community Board Votes on River Ring Proposal

The Community Board today, finished reviewing an application for Brooklyn's proposed, River Ring development. The board also voted in favor of the project this morning, with 20 members favoring, 15 against, and 1 abstaining. The application seeks a Zoning Map Amendment, Zoning Text Amendments, Large-Scale General Development Special Permits, Waterfront Certification & Authorizations, and a Landfill action. These will facilitate a new mixed-use tower development in Williamsburg with approximately 1,050 residential units. As per the plans of developer, Two Trees Management Company, the defining feature will be a large (and publically accessible) waterfront park, positioned on the banks of the East River. Now that the Community Board has cast their vote, the application will soon be sent to the Borough President for further review.

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