60 State Street Update 06/17/24

Construction Complete On Third Phase of LinkSquares’ Office Build out at 60 State Street

Construction has been completed for the third phase of LinkSquares’ office buildout at 60 State Street in Boston, MA. Corderman & Company’s provision of construction management services over the last 17 months of this multi-phased project has supported the exponential growth of the software company, which offers an AI-powered legal technology platform for contract management and legal project management.

What initially started with minor work on the 12th floor - a transformed kitchenette and podcast studio - rapidly grew into an established and continued collaboration between Corderman & LinkSquares. Over the course of this partnership, work has ranged from minor upgrades to full build outs; the final products of each serving as a captivating display of Corderman & Company’s range of pre-construction and construction management services and dedication to their clients and work.

A remarkable 74,000 square feet of LinkSquares’ space, spanning five different floors at 60 State Street, have been renovated and built out by Corderman, resulting in a sophisticated and elevated office for the firm. The intricacies of managing a multi-floor, dynamic project were navigated by extensive and consistent communication by the project team, comprised of Matt Santapaula (Senior Project Manager), Kyle White (Superintendent), Marty Manning (Superintendent), Emily Thornton (Assistant Project Manager), Thomas Perry (Assistant Project Manager), Serena Kauffman (Assistant Project Manager), Sean Keane (Corderman Labor), Corderman Carpentry, and Lewis Hopkins & Victor Cavero (Corderman Trucking). Effective scheduling, accounting for overlaps in the phases and requiring integral coordination with trade partners and building management teams, was vital both financially and in consideration of time constraints.

Dave Learoyd, Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis at LinkSquares, reflected on the partnership with Corderman & Company and the ensuing construction process: “Working with Corderman on our office expansion project over the course of the past year and a half was a wonderful experience. They approached the project with us as true partners who were always willing to work through the hurdles that inevitably come up in a large-scale project like the one we executed. The Corderman team was always on top of things, providing proactive communication and suggestions that allowed us to keep the project on time and under budget, which is quite an accomplishment! I would highly recommend working with them on any construction needs.”

The success of this project can be attributed to collaboration and coordination with the following project teams: LinkSquares, Carr Properties, IA Interior Architects, NV5, Jetty Advisors, Officeworks, and Corderman & Company trade partners.

Corderman & Company is looking forward to continuing this story and to offer services and products that match LinkSquares’ rapid expansion. The next phase of the project entails renovations to the 8th floor. The team is excited to further develop this partnership; utilizing their experience, industry knowledge, and management skills to exceed the client’s expectations and support the construction of their new, growing home in Boston.

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Photos: Will Gaddis at Flylisted

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