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Coppersmith Village Update 01/10/18

Coppersmith Village apartments on East Boston Waterfront top off, condominium foundation work underway

Coppersmith Village’s two multifamily buildings along Border Street, which will feature 56 rental apartments located steps from the East Boston Waterfront, have topped off at five stories tall. Along Liverpool Street, the foundation of 15 ownership condominium townhouses are being constructed. Green Zip R sheathing has been fully installed along the multifamily buildings’ facades, and exterior balconies have been framed. Installation of the multifamily buildings’ windows is expected to begin imminently, and roofing work is nearing completion. Once the multifamily buildings are sealed, interior finishing work will be able to commence. Construction of the townhouses’ wooden structural frames is expected to begin later this month. The following are photographs of Coppersmith Village:

Coppersmith Village Photos

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