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EchelonSeaport Update 01/16/19

Facade Install Begins at 135 Seaport, EchelonSeaport's 2nd Condo Tower

EchelonSeaport's second condo tower is taking shape at 135 Seaport Boulevard with facade install underway. The facade is a mix of glass and precast concrete to mimic stone in keeping with Boston's traditional building materials.

EchelonSeaport January 135 seaport

EchelonSeaport's first condo building, 133 Seaport is also rapidly moving forward with window install nearly complete and balconies in place. Construction of 133 Seaport is set to be complete in October of this year with 135 Seaport not far behind in late 2019. Both 133 & 135 Seaport are part of the Regent Collection. Regent Hotels & Resorts, known the world over for award-winning, white-gloved five-star service, will bring a sense of style and attention to service detail second to none to EchelonSeaport. 

Echelon Seaport January 133 seapoart

EchelonSeaport's first two stories and will be centered around Autumn Lane, a new pedestrian mall, and Harbor Square, a new courtyard. Multiple public access points will be added to create a vibrant streetscape featuring outdoor seating on multiple levels, distinctive artwork, and beautiful landscaping.

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