Residence at Readville Station Update


FinanceBoston Positions $3,300,000 Pre-Development Loan for the Emerging Boston Neighborhood of Hyde Park

FinanceBoston, a Real Estate Capital Advisory Firm, announced the successful financing of a $3,300,000 Pre-Development plan in the Hyde Park Neighborhood of Boston. FinanceBoston worked with Developer, Ad Meliora LLC, to identify, structure, and negotiate financing for the mixed-use project through entitlements.

Boston is seeing greater levels of development near rail systems as employees prefer alternative transit options. Recognizing this trend, Managing Partner Fergal Woods commented, “Given the site's proximity to the Readville train station, this will unlock additional development capacity in the Hyde Park neighborhood.”

FINANCEBOSTON- a Real Estate Capital Advisory firm with roots in Boston. FB works with cutting-edge developers to help them unlock the potential of their neighborhoods.  

FinanceBoston is pleased to work with both new and established developers, those who share the vision and ambition to realize the potential for high-quality neighborhoods in the Boston area and beyond.  At every stage of the business cycle, FB will help source the appropriate financing, manage its deployment and ensure the successful delivery of the project.

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