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Hilton Garden Inn Expansion Project Update 07/30/17

Guest room expansion proposed to new Hilton Garden Inn in East Boston

First Bristol Corporation proposes to construct an 84-room, 45,718-square-foot addition to the recently built 178-room, 105,525-square-foot Hilton Garden Inn hotel in East Boston, eliminating an approved 10,305-square-foot retail component. In a Notice of Project Change (NPC) filed with the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA), First Bristol explains that after three years of marketing the retail space, no potential tenants have surfaced. Given high construction costs and the current challenging retail market, First Bristol has reportedly concluded that the sites are not tenantable for restaurant or retail purposes, and now aims to construct additional hotel rooms to "build upon and strengthen the proven success of the existing hotel" per the NPC. The BPDA is now reviewing First Bristol's proposed revised project plans, which would result in a 262-room, 148,243-square-foot hotel.

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