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South Boston Power Plant Update 06/28/22

Hilco Files Detailed Plans for Phase 1 L St. Station Redevelopment

Hilco has submitted a PNF for the first phase of the redevelopment of the L Street Station Site at 776 Summer Street in South Boston. The Master Plan for the site was approved in January 2021, now details for Phase 1 call for redevelopment of an approximately 8.4-acre portion of the overall 15.2-acre site. The Phase 1 Project includes the adaptive reuse of Edison Turbine Halls 1, 2, and 3, and approximately 639,000 square feet (SF) of new office/research and development buildings on Block D and Block F.

L Street Station

The Edison Turbine Halls, being designed by Arrowstreet, are being adaptively reused from their isolated and insular function to modern programmatic typologies including retail, cultural/community and research and development/office uses. Block D, a 265K SF, 7-story research and development building has been designed by Payette. Block F, designed by Perkins & Will, is set to feature 374K SF of R&D space.

block d l street
Block D 

block f l street station
Block F


Anchored by a new publicly accessible waterfront open space, referred to as the “Waterfront Promenade,” the Phase 1 Project will create 3.75 acres of public open space on-site. The development team has also continued to evaluate ways to incorporate sustainable design and energy efficiency that are aligned with and in support of the City of Boston’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050. Their approach for Phase 1 is organized around energy efficiency, electrification, and renewable energy supply. Per the filing, construction is anticipated to commence in 2023 before the conclusion of deconstruction in order to minimize the overall construction period with work first on the historic rehabilitation of T1, T2, and T3, and construction of Block D.

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