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270 Park Avenue Update 12/22/22

JP Morgan's Midtown Supertall Continues to Rise

Over the last year and a half, general contractor, Tishman Construction, has been hard at work, erecting the steel superstructure of 270 Park Avenue in East Midtown. The colossal, 70-story, tower project is being developed in-house by multinational investment bank, , to house their new corporate headquarters.

This new tower replaces the 707-foot tall, Union Carbide Building (now demolished), which housed the company's previous head office. Amazingly, while the rising superstructure already looks proud and mighty, it hasn't even reached the halfway mark yet. With a planned height of  feet, it will nearly double the height of its predecessor.


Designed by , 270 Park will total over 2.5 million square feet and contain office space for approximately 15,000 employees. In comparison, the Union Carbide Building was only fit to hold 3,500.


But the tower hasn't just been designed with size in mind. The team also envisions the project as being the next poster child for sustainable buildings. According to Foster + Partners, "270 Park will be New York City’s largest all-electric skyscraper with net-zero operational emissions and will be 100% powered by renewable energy sourced from a New York State hydroelectric plant."

The building will also boast a number of cutting-edge features and systems that will contribute to its net-zero goal. Included in the list are outdoor terraces with natural green space, intelligent sensors and AI to respond and adapt to energy demands, water reuse systems that will reduce water usage by more than 40%, and automatic solar shades that are integrated with the HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption.

Taking up a full city block, the sheer scale of the project is still hard to comprehend, even after our third trip to the project site. With its larger-than-life appearance, 270 Park Avenue will undoubtedly dominate the East Midtown skyline when construction wraps up in 2024.

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