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Seaport Circle (Massport Parcel H) Update 10/20/21

Letter of Intent Filed for 650,000 SF Mixed-Use Massport Parcel H in Seaport

Lincoln Property Company has filed a letter of intent for a mixed-use project at Massport Parcel H in the Seaport. Named "Seaport Circle," plans call for a 650,000 SF project featuring a 13-story research lab and a two-story training center "pavilion."

“Seaport Circle will become the centerpiece of the industry in Boston’s Seaport, containing both commercial and incubator space, as well as host to the first life sciences job training center in the Greater Boston area inside The Pavilion, a community facility that will span the MA turnpike and accessible at a new Silver Line MBTA station at our site," said Scott Brown, Executive Vice President at Lincoln Property Company. "Not only will this project act as the gateway for access to the life sciences industry for diverse residents across the region, but also exemplifies the success of Massport’s diversity model, incorporating a minimum of 30% minority and women businesses in every aspect of our development.”

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