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Meadowbrook Run Update 03/09/22

Map Amendment Filed to Allow Redevelopment of Meadowbrook Run in Congress Heights

Enterprise Community Development has filed a map amendment that would facilitate the redevelopment of the Meadowbrook Run apartments in Congress Heights. The 9+ acre site currently features twenty-five garden-style multi-family residential buildings with 259 units originally constructed in 1959 or 1960. The developer plans to construct new rental units which will replace one-for-one all current affordable rental units at similar unit sizes, new state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor amenities, and the construction of for-sale townhomes at the Property. The Zoning Map Amendment would allow for a maximum height of 50 feet and a maximum FAR of 2.16 at the Property.

meadowbrook run

Per the fling, Enterprise Community Development is working closely with the existing tenants at the property to ensure that residents’ concerns and priorities are addressed. All current residents will be guaranteed the ability to return to the new rental units. The Applicant plans to complete development and the relocation of existing tenants in phases in a way that minimizes disruption and ensures one-for-one replacement of affordable units.

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