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Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residences Update 04/10/23

Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences In Miami Achieves School Concurrency Agreement

According to county records, an agreement between the developers of the 100-story Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences and the School Board of Miami Dade County has been made. The deal will enable the construction of the super tall, 1049-foot-high structure. On December 5, 2022, it was entered, and on March 6, 2022, it was recorded. On October 19, 2022, the School Board gave the accord its approval.

The concurrent arrangement stipulates that school capacity is necessary for the project to receive development permission from the city, but that without the agreement, suitable facilities for public school children would not be available.

The developer has agreed to choose the proportionate share mitigation option, which will fund a classroom with 22 student stations at an elementary school. The agreement's mitigation payment is $548,526.


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