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495 Eleventh Avenue Update 10/22/21

Midtown High-Rise on the Verge of Approval

A large development proposal for 495 Eleventh Avenue in Midtown is just one step away from final approval. The high-rise would be developed by Radson Development, and contain over 581,000 sqft for affordable housing, commercial office space, retail, a restaurant, a hotel, and an NYPD vehicle storage facility. In order to facilitate the project, the Economic Development Corporation for NYC (EDC NYC) applied for a zoning text amendment, zoning map amendment, and site selection and acquisition. The application has already been approved by the Community Board, Borough President, City Planning Commission, and City Council. Now in the hands of the NYC Mayor's Office, the mayor will have just 5 days to decide the ultimate fate of the project. If approved, this long-awaited development will become a reality, and construction can begin after building permits are issued.

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