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Vassar Street Undergraduate Residence Hall Update 02/11/18

MIT begins construction of 450-bed undergraduate residence hall

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has begun construction of its’ new 450-bed, 156,000-square-foot undergraduate student residence hall on Vassar Street. The building is expected to open by Fall 2020, and will replace the former West Garage parking facility and an adjacent surface parking lot. Site-enabling activities including utility relocation began last September, and demolition of the West Garage began in late January. Completion of demolition is expected by April, at which point construction of the residence hall’s foundation, which will consist of precast concrete piles, will begin. Vertical construction of the five-story residence hall is expected to commence this Fall.

The 450-bed residence hall will house a mix of first-year and upper-class students. Additionally, 12 apartments will be located on site housing graduate resident tutors, and four apartments will be constructed to accommodate staff members including a faculty head of house, an associate faculty head of house, an area director and a visiting scholar. A variety of community spaces will be provided on site, including a 225-seat residential dining facility with a communal kitchen, an avenue of study lounges and other common spaces, a private courtyard and a maker space area. The residence hall will be built to LEED Gold sustainability specifications. 243 long-term and 34-short-term bicycle parking spaces will be provided; there will be no vehicle parking on site.

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