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Vassar Street Undergraduate Residence Hall Update 11/21/17

MIT proposes 450-bed undergraduate residence hall in Cambridge

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) proposes to construct a new, 450-bed undergraduate student residence hall on Vassar Street, near the intersection with Massachusetts Avenue. The hall would include single and double rooms, arranged in clusters of 35 to 38 students with one graduate resident tutor per cluster. A variety of amenity spaces would be spread throughout the hall, including lounges, meeting rooms, music rooms, flexible spaces and a dining hall.

MIT’s new hall would allow the university to renovate other student residences and modernize its’ existing housing stock by providing an added supply of on-campus beds. The hall would also allow MIT to accommodate an increased number of students on campus, and would better connect the campus’ east and west ends by replacing an existing surface parking lot and parking garage with a modern building consisting of contrasting colors, a patterned brick exterior and new greenery. Demolition of the parking garage is slated to take place in early 2018. Pending city approval, the hall would open in Fall 2020. MIT has filed plans for the proposed hall with the City of Cambridge, who is now reviewing the project.

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