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325 Binney Update 09/30/21

Moderna to Build Out 460K+ SF Headquarters at 325 Binney

ARE has announced Moderna will lease 462,000 SF of space at 325 Binney in Kendall Square for their new R&D headquarters.

We are very proud to be the pioneer of mission-critical life science real estate and the leading provider of this essential infrastructure in Greater Boston—the top life science cluster in the world—where we have strategically expanded our total asset base to approximately 15 million square feet, uniquely positioning ourselves to meet both the immediate space needs and provide a path to future growth for some of most innovative companies in the world—such as Moderna," said Joel S. Marcus, executive chairman and founder of ARE. "Moderna is a tremendous example of a highly disruptive, visionary company that has grown with Alexandria."

Currently under construction, the upcoming building will feature state-of-the-art, highly sustainable space is designed to be the most sustainable laboratory building in Cambridge. 

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