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West Falls Church Metro Station Redevelopment Update 03/17/22

New Plans Revealed on the West Falls Church Metro Redevelopment

Known as FGCP-Metro LLC, developers EYA, Rushmark Properties, and Hoffman & Associates are collaborating with the Washington Metropolitan Area Authority are planning over 1 million square feet of residential, office and retail space on nearly 24 aces of land, currently used as parking for the station. While there was no changes to previously filed plans, the updated plans consolidate all of the development plans into one, master plan. This master application detailed three buildings that had not been released in previous applications.

-Building A is a 120 foot tall multifamily residential building with a maximum of 130,000 sf., and a planned 210 residential units.

-Building B is a 120 foot tall office building with retail space on the bottom levels. 

-Building F, opposite the Metro Plaza, is a 90 foot tall multifamily residential building with a maximum of 265,000 sf. and 280 residential units. It will feature a private interior courtyard for the residents of the building.

The proposal also features roughly 2.1 acres of parks.

“The Applicant’s proposal will transform the Property from a paved, suburban area into a walkable, connected mixed-use neighborhood...The proposed development will drive daytime demand for locally-serving office and retail uses, as well as Metrorail ridership, and provide much needed diverse housing opportunities to Fairfax County.”


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